Nodesmith Partners With POA Network for Blockchain Infrastructure Support

POA Network is proud to announce a new partnership with Nodesmith! This collaboration will result in enhanced blockchain infrastructure support for POA networks including the POA Core, xDai Chain, and the POA Sokol testnet. Nodesmith will provide reliable public endpoints, allowing developers and users to quickly connect to a POA network. It is another step forward in POA’s mission to grow the Ethereum ecosystem and provide additional decentralization of POA’s endpoints across various infrastructure providers.

POA Core is an open, public, permissioned blockchain based on the Ethereum protocol that offers an open source framework for smart contracts. POA addresses some of the big issues the Ethereum ecosystem is currently facing such as scalability and governance. Nodesmith provides developers with reliable and scalable access to decentralized blockchain networks. Nodesmith’s goal is to further the adoption of decentralized network technology by making it accessible to more developers. They do this by managing and running blockchain node infrastructure that is available globally, 24/7. This enables developers to stop worrying about messy infrastructure and instead focus on the features of their applications.

We are very excited to be partnering with Nodesmith as part of POA Network’s vision to build, foster, and grow the Ethereum ecosystem" said Igor Barinov, Tech Lead of POA Network "Nodesmith’s leading-edge infrastructure will propel POA Network to deliver a more robust and resilient network experience for our developer community”.

We’re thrilled to partner with the POA team and start supporting developers in the POA ecosystem. Developers have been increasingly and enthusiastically building on xDai Chain and POA Core and using those networks to solve difficult problems. said Brendan Lee, CEO of Nodesmith We’re excited to join the community and help further the adoption of these networks.”

Nodesmith have provided a guide for developers helping them connect to POA and xDai available below

Note: POA endpoints are now available, you will need a free Nodesmith account to get your API key.

Network Description Endpoints
Core POA Core Network

xDai USD-stable xDai Network

Sokol Sokol POA Test Network