Notary Public - Title use

This is a Q for California and maybe other states:

''Please note, a notary public only can use the notary public’s seal for purposes described in the California Government Code and only can use the title “notary public” to render notarial services. (California Government Code section 8207.) A notary public must refuse to perform any notarial act that is not described in California law. For example, a notary public is prohibited from using the official seal and title “notary public” either on documents that are not described in California law or without the required notarial wording. (California Government Code sections 8202, 8205 and 8207; California Civil Code section 1189).)

Doing either of these prohibited acts may cause the notary public’s commission to be revoked or suspended or application denied.”

My question: So this would mean that a Notary Public can not use his or her title at any point for Oracles since we would not perform notarial services and since the only documents on which one can perform notarial services have to be described in California Law or have the required notarial wording. Am I right?

Please advise, thank you, M

In my opinion, we do not advertise our validators role as a notary public. It’s one of the requirements to get keys from the network. We reuse trust given to notaries, but we do not use notarial power for benefits of the network.

@wkarshat would like to have your input. You are the most experienced notary here.

P.S. Mel, we are waiting for a post about you :slight_smile: