Omni Bridge Status: Waiting 14 hours

I am trying to bridge my LP token to xDai Chain using the Omni Bridge and it has been stucked for over 14 hours.
I can really use some help.
Hash tx: 0x83a6bae264147eacdd9f0eaeee24df64e092a6e895603bfa76b6e3e4192c1344

I see that you transfer was executed successfully 15 hours ago: AMB Live Monitoring.

The originating transaction happened at Feb-26-2021 03:10:11 AM +UTC.
The executing transaction happened at February-26-2021 03:13:35 AM +UTC
So the gap was > 3 mins which is OK since the bridge oracles waiting for 12 blocks before considered the chain as finalized.

Probably, you need to add your LP tokens to MM as it described here: Transfer any ERC20 from Ethereum to xDai - TokenBridge