OmniBridge BSC to xDAI. No tokens sent to Metamask

I just sent 50 DAI to my Metamask wallet using Omnibridge. According to the history page the transaction has been completed, and I the 50 DAIs has been withdrawn from my BSC-wallet but the funds does not show up in my xDAI-wallet.

What I’m doing wrong?

Please advice



here is your transaction Transaction 0xcd752d5d0ead80f7c61935c5d7440a4272b06d3ab817dce71603532cc0dde859 - xDai Explorer right?

Try adding custom token to your wallet, here is the contract address: 0xFc8B2690F66B46fEC8B3ceeb95fF4Ac35a0054BC

Source: Dai Token on xDai (DAI) - xDai - BlockScout

Yes, that seems to be my transactioin. Adding the contract address works, kinda… It will show the 50 DAI i sent when adding the contract address the first time. But only until next time Metamask is opened, then the DAI token shows 0.

Connecting Metamask to Honeyswap, the balance is still 0 DAI.

Because it’s a different DAI. It’s a DAI on BSC. You need to convert it to DAI on xDai. I think you can do it here the conversion: