Omnibridge DAI transfer from BSC created incorrect DAI token on Ethereum Mainnet

Omnibridge sent my DAI from BSC to the Ethereum main net and the tokens are sitting in my wallet BUT they are NOT DAI stable coins!!!

Checking the contract address of 0x770d377b556a5dbfc7d96eb2c9c01223b9a59bb8, it does have the name “DAI Token from BSC” BUT I am one (and by far the largest) of ONLY three holders though one the other two is named POA Network: xDAI OmniBridge.

How do I get from this token to the real DAI stable coin on Ethereum?

I don’t think I’ve been scammed because Omnibridge sees the tokens as well and is offering to send them back to BSC – but obviously I don’t want to do that.

Please HELP!!!

You have a bridged version of the token which is why there are so few holders. Those holders are the other accounts which have used that particular bridge which minted the amount on the desired network. If you would like to swap out those tokens in a dapp somewhere and you find you cannot with those minted tokens, you can simply send the tokens back to home chain and use as you wish.

This allows one to bridge tokens to another network and send to another address or use within a dapp and the final destination can be bridged back to the home chain. It may be at the point where not many dapps will make use of these bridged tokens but certainly more likely in future as everything matures.

I am not 100% clear myself on how the bridge exactly works and if I have any information here that is incorrect, I am sure someone will clarify soon enough.

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Since the response above is correct in explaining why this has happened, I will skip straight to your question.

You can always check if there is some liquidity for such token on DEXs on ETH mainnet but most likely you will not find any. In this case, your best bet is to bridge it back to BSC using the same bridge. Btw, there is a warning on the bridge informing you about this. You had to see it when you were bridging the tokens.

I did end up bridging back to BSC and doing something different.

I did NOT see any warning on the BSC side. I used Pancake swap to switch to DAI. I would expect that BSC-DAI to be DAI when it got to Ethereum.

How was I supposed to get REAL DAI on Eth From CAKE on BSC?