Omnibridge execution problem from xdai to mainnet

Hi guys ive been using with success the Omnibridge this is the first issue i had so far i made more than 20 transactions.

Please check this and tell me what should i do my wETH is somewhere on the bridge :slightly_frowning_face: Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 09:23 PM

The transaction was succesful on Blockscout :

Validator Status Age
0xeAf183603eD92dF9E856320e1ec605A9bcE62b3E Success 14 minutes ago
0x4BDd205473217A1147fa364aabd6a78d5fd3EE79 Success [14 minutes ago](
0x87533bfd390C6d11aFD8dF1A8c095657E0eeeD0d Failed 14 minutes ago

2 of 3 confirmations required

Executed by Status Age
0x4BDd205473217A1147fa364aabd6a78d5fd3EE79 Waiting Searching Transaction…

The transaction passed it needed 20 minutes. So far this was the longest drive :slight_smile: Regards and respect to xDai team and Igor Barinov.

Due to the gas price spikes, sometimes the withdrawal execution could take much longer than one or two minutes. You can use in Etherscan the oracle address that is intended to execute the request (in your case it is 0x4BDd…) to see if there is any pending transaction there, If so, just wait till it is mined.


Thank you for your answer Alexander ! Greetings !

Where i can ask the oracle address 0x4BDd205473217A1147fa364aabd6a78d5fd3EE79 to not execute the token transfer from xDai to Mainet with tx hash:
I dont think that there is any chance now to execute ~ $400 fees.
I would like to get my STAKE back on xDai if possible please…

No, it is not possible. As soon as you initiated transaction of the bridge it cannot be reverted. The main reason – the oracles are watching for a bridge event which is actually a sort of proof of tokens burn. If the tokens burnt on the xDai chain side the oracles confirm their unlocking on the Mainnet side.

BTW, in the ongoing version of the OmniBridge, it will be possible to delay the execution (unlocking) operation since users rather than oracles will be responsible for transferring the oracles confirmations in the bridge contract on the Mainnet side.

Thank you for your prompt response!

Alexander, Hi! How is it happened from my metamask through the omnibridge?

is it totally lost?

This is how the bridge works. When you transfer tokens with the origin on the Mainnet from the Gnosis Chain they are burnt on the Gnosis Chain and unlocked on the Mainnet. So, you burnt tokens but not claim them on another side of the bridge. You can use the history tab on the OmniBridge UI or AMB Live Monitor to finialize the transfer.