OmniBridge NFTL Token Transaction Problem

I went to OmniBridge with the link on Pancake Swap.

I linked my Metamask wallet to OmniBridge.

ETH to BSC network selected automatically.

On the right side screen on OmniBridge, I selected the NFTL Coin (0xe7f72bc0252ca7b16dbb72eeee1afcdb2429f2dd) in the Ethereum network.

OmniBridge saw the BSC network itself and paired it with NFTL Coin. OmniBridge wouldn’t let me add a Wallet address. I Unlocked and Transferred the token matched by OmniBridge. After 12 stages, I bought it as a different coin in my MetaMask wallet. Now I am a whale of a coin with a supply of 21300 in the BSC network. However, there is no such coin. I now have a worthless token. Please help me. Please send back my NFTL tokens to 0x535741116794544035d0eac267228ac0b16d393c on the Ethereum network.

Hash Code: 0x4b66e4469d466aab66e95f534c48d2dcefc4ce0911f5aaaea0f86318556f6c6b
My Adress: 0x535741116794544035d0eac267228ac0b16d393c
To Adress: 0x69c707d975e8d883920003cc357e556a4732cd03

The token you get is a different instance of the “NFTL” token. You bridged Binance Peg NFTL to ETH mainnet. OmniBridge behaved as it should in this case so there are no technical issues here, the transaction was processed correctly. You can check if there is some liquidity on ETH for this token or you can consider bridging it back to BSC using the same bridge.
Most of the tokens on BSC are Binance Peg tokens when Binance holds the “real” tokens in their custody.

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