Omnibridge Transfered Dai to Dai

I used both XDai Bridges to swap Dai from Mainnet in Metamask to Xdai Chain, the first attempet didn’t do anything Dai was still in the Mainnet although I was charged the fee, second time Using Omnibridge I ended up with Dai Coin on the XDai Chain, I am not sure what happened and how to correct it, Please Help

You should always use this bridge for moving DAI from ETH mainnet to xDai on xDai Chain:

For the DAI bridged through OmniBridge (Dai Stablecoin on xDai (DAI) - xDai - BlockScout) you can check any xDai based DEX like SushiSwap, Swapr, or HoneySwap if there is enough liquidity to swap it into another token, e.g. xDai stablecoin.

Thank You for your help