Omnibridge Xdai to ETH mainnet but did not finish

I sent my xTRAC from Omnibridge XDAI to ETH mainnet, but it did not complete.
It shows “Status: Manual execution waiting”. But I can’t execute this second part.

SEnding tx is: 0x97a93f079304f9f8d954d5c7300cbfb8fb850e6debf3abda5d4214b3dd8ac5e4

Now my xTRAC are gone from my wallet at XDAI but are not at my ETH wallet.
How can I recover my coin back?


What do you mean by this? You need to execute the transfer manually, there is a button in the bottom right corner. You will need ETH in your wallet on mainnet to pay for the gas.


Thanks for your reply! When I try to execute it manually it doesn´t complete. When I “press” the “Execute button” as it shows on the screenshot below, nothing happen.

I will screenshot the last part.

Thanks for your help.

Switch network to ETH mainnet in your wallet before pressing the Execute button.

Dear Mojmir,

I changed but it is still the same. It is not working! Do you have other suggestion? I reset the computer and did it other times, buit it continues the same (does not complete).



If you can’t press the execute button, go to the bridge interface, connect your wallet and press the History tab and execute your transaction from there, make sure you have enough ETH for the gas on the mainnet side.


I went to omnibrigde history tab, and it shows the amount of tokens (TRAC) that I want to convert from xDAI to ETH, but when I select the “claim button”, it shows that I have to switch wallet to ETH Mainnet. Buit I choose all the options I have for ETH, but none of them is written ETH Mainnet.

I am not that familiar with MEW but you can try exporting your MEW wallet to MetaMask and finish the transfer using MM.

Actually this MEW is using Metamask.