Omnibridge Xdai to ETH mainnet but it error

I sent my DEGO from omnibridge Xdai to eth mainnet. But it error on claimed process.
Sending tx is
Receiving Tx is

Now my coin is in POA Network: xDAI OmniBridge wallet

How to recover my coin back?
Please advice.

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting. We are investigating the issue.


Waiting for token back ^^.
Thank for your help.

The root cause has been found and we prepared the fix for to avoid this issue happening in the future. Currently, the bridge governors are considering to apply the changes to the ETH-xDai OmniBridge. Hopefully, they will finalize the voting early next week. After that I will prepare instructions what you need to do to recover your tokens on the xDai side.


Hi! Here is more details about your issue:


  1. Let’s look at the transaction which initiated the DEGO tokens bridging to the xDai chain:

    Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

    As you can the transaction was to request relaying 430.3875 DEGO. But since the token was developed as so it takes fees for the transfer, only 429.526725 DEGO was transferred to the bridge account.

  2. The bridge contract code had an issue – it was not able to recognize rebasing tokens. That’s why 430.3875 DEGO was minted on the xDai chain.

    Transaction 0x960520172a1f2d3b30c778e6aa98bc2ef0218a72e08d0c53c8160a3b34ab26dc - xDai Explorer

  3. Later you tried to receive 429.74213394375 DEGO on the Ethereum Mainnet by relaying the tokens through the xDai bridge:

    Transaction 0xb2635b0f8f6bea27bcbdad75d0eb4f04b5e4b44b125ca0fc906bc0a4ae6dd3f1 - xDai Explorer

    But since this amount is higher than the amount of tokens locked on the bridge (429.74213394375 > 429.526725), the transfer execution failed.

Now, the issue in the bridge contracts has been addressed – it is safe to bridge rebasing tokens.


  1. The OmniBridge contract has recovery mechanism. I have called the method requestFailedMessageFix for the failed message:

    Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

    This message re-mint 429.74213394375 DEGO on the xDai side and send it to the account which sent the originating tx: 0xE44c5EE9fbFc4Ab43Af9ae23E90A350A45Fa11ae:

    Transaction 0x24bc02bac83bfb0c8ae7f0ccdb8ceb34e38b60e5aae968927acec0a746125d1c - xDai Explorer

  2. Assuming that it is your account, it is possible to send the tokens back to the Ethereum Mainnet through

    If you bridge 429.74213394375 DEGO, the bridge fees will be deducted, that is why the amount to be unlocked on from the bridge account on the Ethereum side is 429.31239180980625 which is lower than available amount (429.526725) so the transfer should work properly.

    Try to bridge tokens and let me know if there is any issues.

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Hi, I bridged my token again it’s work !!!
I got my token back.
Thank you very much for help.

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My bro, I staked xDai on the old Stake interface, and I can’t seem to find it now. I’m a total noob, can you please help me locate it?

What do you mean by the “old Stake interface”? can you post the URL to that, please?