Open Source Dapps


POA is buzzing along, I’d like to try migrating some existing dApps over and felt that with current time constraints it might be easier to migrate a currently open source dApp over. This post is to try and accumulate links to projects or guides that might make it easier. Links like this:


Great topic, John! Here’s in interesting link on how to write DApps and some methods, along with full source code. I’ll see if I can dig up more and post here as well:


I like this Medium article since it’s highly detailed end to end and helps to get your feet wet with solidity. It also assumes a very basic working knowledge of React. I would love to see an end to end Medium article written specific for POA, deploying your own network, writing and deploying your dapp to that network, ect.


John, how about CryptoProjects, a game of combining some initial OSS and commercial projects to arrive at curious and promising combinations. After all, we are supposed to have fun, while taking ourgames seriously.


Ive been looking for an article like this for same time, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Colm, are you a developer? Aspiring developer? Great to have you on board. Welcome to the POA Forum!


Hello … I am working on a Beta Dapp
It uses web3.min.js to connect to
At this time I use Remix to create a smart contract … I am working on the code to create a contract via Metamask
I welcome any input, ideas, or comments on the Dapp


Hello Clair, glad to see a new developer deploying on the POA Core Network!

Do you have a Github address where people can contribute to your project?


Hello 1proof.
I set up a Github at
I also have a beta version of Cryptospeech that I re wrote to work on the POA and DAI networks. Please check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Thanks


Hello Clair, thanks for the link and deploying your DApp on POA Network!

Perhaps you could create an “about” link to give people and idea on the basic uses for CryptoSpeech DApp, any fees, etc. Looking forward to more from you. Thanks again!


Ethereum-url-shortener…I set up a version of this project powered by Metamask and the POA Network at
The POA Network contract is located at
Please check it out and let us know what you think Thanks


Good afternoon. To perform some cross EVM based blockchain testing I re wrote my be dapp “Secret Crypto Wall” to work on a bunch of networks. Ethereum MainNet, Ropsten TestNet, DAI MainNet, Gochain MainNet, POA MainNet, and Tomochain MainNet. I have been using POA MainNet since spring of 2018 and I am happy to say that POA (and her sister network DAI MainNet) are the fastest networks of the bunch. POA and DAI also run very fast in the Trust iOS wallet. Thanks again for the great EVM based chains