Oracles Network. News and updates #11

:tada: We launched our first testnet with a real notary :tada:

Nodes are red because they have not enough peers and it’s not healthy for the network.

Right now only one notary (Roman Storm @rstorm) figured out our initial ceremony and installed a mining node. I sent five keys to install nodes to fellow notaries and hope to see more notaries next week.

Other news:

  • Updated DApps for Ceremony, Voting, Instructions, Azure templates.
  • Upgraded Parity to 1.7, removed Docker dependencies.
  • Jeff Christian help to refactor ICO Wizard.
  • On Sunday Igor will open on Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup “On-Chain Oracles: Microsoft, Town Crier, Oraclize” with a small pitch about Oracles Network

Here’s a deck from the Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup ( that I presented on behalf of the project::


Looks awesome Jeff!! :smiley: