Oracles Network. News and updates #12

Hi, Last week we launched our testnet.
Up to date, five validators succeed to install the mining node.

I distributed more keys and received feedback from

Not received the feedback from others. But it’s ok. Next week we will have 10 out of 12 which is almost our goal to launch the mainnet.

General news:

  • we are working on the Azure deployment script to make the expirience of validators better
  • we are working on the ICO Wizard and preparing to launch the first live campaign
  • Howey test will be added to the ICO Wizard as a first “crypto lambda” function

Changes on the website:

  • added our open source contributor @15chrjef to the Team page for Opensource Contributors session
  • added Pavlo Goncharenko, UI, to the Team page for the R&D section
  • added Pavel X @phahulin DApps, to the Team page for the R&D section

I assume everybody who hasn’t setup the node, needs to do it ASAP or we might consider other applicants.

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Meanwhile, a list of actions to try, once the node is up, would be helpful.