Oracles Network. News and updates #14

General updates:

Musereum is building their network using our trusted setup and DApps.

We are testing an update to Parity which should solve a problem of pending transactions Thanks to @rstorm for contributing to the issue

Howey Test Wizard is finished and live. Not legal advice, but a support app. Will be a part

ICO Wizard is moving forward. In ICO process most Token contracts are the same, but most Crowdsale contracts are different. We have a “Whitelist with cap” crowdsale almost done. Features for that crowdsale setup:

  • only whitelisted addresses can participate in a crowdsale
  • the whitelisted address may have min and max
  • a whitelist can be updated after the creation of a contract
  • there are tiers. E.g., Pre-ICO and ICO are tiers.
  • each tier has a start date, end date, rate, supply, whitelist, wallet to receive funds
  • each tier is an individual crowdsale contract
  • a crowsale page integrates data from all tiers

Website updates:

  • changed icons for DApps to one style. Check it out

  • Good SEO results from a two months work. Now searching for Oracles Network from the U.S. gives you our website as a first link. Tested on Incognito mode

Looking forward to getting nodes by:


#1 in google search! Yeah! Go Oracles!