Oracles Network. News and updates #15


Thing became must clearer when using the Metamask plugin.

The MyEtherWallet interface was confusing as I was unable to verify that the faucet sent the 0.5 ETH to the voting address, kept on getting could not connect to node errors.

After setting up MetaMask to point to Custom RPC ( ) and importing account via private keys generated in MyEtherWallet was able to:

  1. Send ETH via faucet to voting address
  2. Verify that a transaction was created on
  3. Verify that ETH was received in voting account

So thing seem sane at this point.

Also sent request to create proposal for 3 accounts to @rstorm.


You have to have Public Notary License issued in US with valid expiration date.
I responded in full here:


When deploying I ran into the issue that it was hard to determine if password had j or J. Ceremony app UX uses less than ideal font. Since I only captured a screenshot I can’t just copy/paste. Recommend we use a fixed sized font for keys/addresses/passwords that user needs to later enter.

My node deployed from AlphaTestTestNet is now up and running.

Best, Michael


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Trying to generate three new keys.


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