Oracles Network. News and Updates # 18

It’s been a busy week. Here are updates and major news we would like to share:

1. Oracles Network at CoinAgenda
We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new people at CoinAgenda in Las Vegas this week. See the video recap here:

Also, check out the slides with the comprehensive overview of Oracles Network ecosystem we presented HERE

Oracles Network presentation from Yan Kovalenko

2. We’ve built a cross-chain bridge

We are excited to share that we’ve successfully built and tested a cross-chain bridge allowing to connect any Ethereum-compatible networks. Using it, we can create cross-chain crowdsale contracts and collect funds on the main Ethereum network while issuing tokens on another, more performant and cost-efficient Ethereum-compatible network. On a bigger scale, such bridges will allow us to seamlessly transfer value between the networks. Stay tuned for more details! In the meanwhile, here’s the video showing the bridge in action:

3. Oracles Network at SF Ethereum meetup

Igor Barinov will be presenting at Runway incubator in San Francisco on November 7. He will be speaking about the ICO Wizard by Oracles Network, a decentralized, open source, free to use tool to create tokens and crowdsale contracts on Ethereum-based networks. Please sign up HERE to join us.

As quick reminders:

  • Whitelist signup is open: register HERE

  • Bounty program is live: to participate, fill out the forms HERE

  • Check out the latest article about the ICO Wizard

  • Follow official announcements on Twitter

As always, thank you for your time and support on this journey!