Oracles Network. News and Updates #2

General news:

  • We migrated from to domain name. The old domain name will redirect to the new domain. We will migrate the forum next week.
  • We added Apps page with a list of DApps (distributed apps) sponsored by the Oracles Network There will be three categories of DApps:
    – Identity DApps. Each DApp in that category can proof a piece of identity and link it with a wallet. Validators will be welcomed to pass additional KYC checks. This will add more trust to your identity.
    – Legal DApps. The first app in this category is Electronic Notary Journal which will secure notary acts using hashing in Oracles Network.
    – Oracles Network DApps. Distributed applications which are essential to Governance (Voting) and Initial Key Distribution (Ceremony)
  • We added Token page to the website and will fill it with actual info coming weeks


Plans for the next week:

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Love the progress. I saw all the “governance” kind of talk and saw that you are building your own native voting app. Is this for the actual consensus network (so that we can vote nodes that we feel are being malicious or have allowed their notary license to slip) – or is it a general use voting dApp? I posted here:

Would it be better to post all my questions or comments here? Or on the github?

Also, who is doing your design? It’s looking very good :slight_smile:


Design - Igor Barinov and Viktor Baranov.

I believe there will be Dapp called governance (according to their landing page)
So that you can control the list of validators.

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