Oracles Network. News and Updates #3

Oracles Network. News and Updates #3

General news:

  • The forum is now available at . You need to log in again at the new address.
  • I had conversations with blockchain startups who are interested in using an ethereum based network with lower fees. Oracles Network can be a natural choice. They can be our first users if they will be ok to buy coins to run smart contracts. Alternatively, they can launch a spin-off of Oracles Networks with a new subset of validators. In that case, notaries will be able to mine several networks and get reward from each network.
  • I’ve updated a page on the website with decentralized apps network will support


  • We published all DApps from our closed source repository on GitHub. Now all DApps for Oracles Network are public
  • We made a first launch of the TTN(TestTestNetwork). That is an internal test network for testing deployment scripts and DApps, and we are preparing for the TestNetwork with Notaries. The name for the upcoming test network is 0xC0FFEE
  • We added two improvement proposals

Plans for the next week:

  • Launch TTN again during the week
  • Publish Voting and Initial Key Distribution DApps on Github Pages and add Metamask support to them
  • Create a script for OIP-1001 “Alternative block reward distribution”
    That script will run on the mining node on daily basis and will create a transaction to send mined coins from mining account to payout address


  • We are preparing swag (stickers, t-shirts, caps, hoodies etc) for our friends. If you’d like to get those stickers please ask here and send me your delivery address in private message.
    Example of the sticker. I’ve ordered them from and they should come in good quality.


I need a swag. PM’ed you for my address

How many stickers do you need?

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Ohh thank you, @igorbarinov, I think 1 will be fine

Awesome update - a lot done and getting done… I was at UC Berkeley the other day at a working group for Blockchain - we were all getting situated (taking our seats and pulling out computers) and…

Some folks asked (off the cuff really) what the group thought about PoS/Alt consensus mech’s - when this person at the end of the table started talking about this project. I remained quiet - and was impressed at the depth that this individual was able to go into the project’s parameters and goals.

I guess what I’m saying - this project really has some meat on the bone (as we all know already) but others are also taking note. That’s the best type of win.


Jeff, this is a fascinating story!
Do you know who was this “person at the end of the table”? :slight_smile:

I had my notary exam yesterday and unfortunately wasn’t able to come.


Unfortunately I didn’t get his name; but I do know he is a UCB student. Actually, this did get others interested in the idea of validation as a service with trusted parties and so the ensuing conversation among people was really interesting. This was as organic as you could get - again with the idea of using Notaries being key. I’ll look in the slack, and see if I can get some of these people’s names - I directed everyone to the website (afterwards).


Not trying to be too… disruptive, but did anyone voice opinions about how closely our logo is to the imagery associated with the Illuminati? Is that a concern at all?


It’s a symbol of an oracle… and Illuminati just borrowed it :wink:


@jflowers this is impressive. We need to find that person. I’m glad you are on the board with Oracles project.