Oracles Network. News and Updates #5

Our new video. Available on the home page.

General updates:

  • We launched the first test network for internal development (codename 0xC0FFEE). The network is up and running. We used same deployment scripts we will use in testnet and main net with real validators.
    Deployment scripts created for Microsoft Azure platform and we plan to provide deployment scripts for other platforms, e.g. Amazon Web Services in future.
  • We tested Ceremony app and replaced initial keys to validators keys using Ceremony DApp
  • We tested governance app: create a proposal to add a new miner and voted for it. Some screenshots:
  • We deployed a network stats application for the development network. Here is a link to see how it works:
  • We deployed modified blockchain explorer for the 0xC0FFEE network You can find information about transactions (tx), blocks, validators, and submit signed transactions to the network.
  • We started to work on documentation for the network
  • We created a custom version of Metamask, an extension for Google Chrome to manage wallets and sign transactions. Validators will use the plugin to create proposals and vote for them. Here is a first version . Next week we will add test facet web app which will distribute coins for tests. A link to the faucet is available in the plugin.

Website updates:

New GitHub repositories:

New Docker repositories:

  • docker-run Our first CI (Continuous Integration) between GitHub and Docker. When we update GitHub repo Docker service build an image automatically.

Identity DApps updates:

  • Proof of phone DApp now works on 0xC0FFEE testnet ( Validators will use those identity oracles to proof pieces of their identity.



Awesome updates. Getting a lot done!