Oracles Network. News and Updates #8

General news:

  • we added documentation how to create a boot node This documentation will be used to launch the main network. There is interest from other blockchain projects to use our setup for their network
  • we are working on ICO Wizard DApp [DAPP] ICO Wizard DApp . The main part of the frontend is ready, and we started to work on integrating it into a React app. Igor, Victor, and a new contributor Jeff are working on that app.
  • we started to work on Proof of Physical Address DApp [DAPP] Proof of Physical Address (PoPA) . The developer of deployment scripts and documentation Pavel “xaxa” Khahulin will work on this app. Validators will be required to make a proof of their address before the launch of the main network.
  • we updating our deployment script to remove docker

Plans for the next week:

  • we will start to work on Proof of Bank Account DApp
  • we will publish our roadmap till Q1 2018