Oracles Network. News and updates #9

General news:

  • ICO Wizard moving forward. We have it 50% ready for first tests, and I expect to create first test ICO crowdsales next week. New contributor Jeff @15chrjef submitted several helpful PR (pull requests) for the DApp.
  • We are working on Proof of Bank Account application [DAPP] Proof of Bank Account (PoBA) It is an essential identity oracle for Oracles Network.
  • We redesigned Proof of Phone [DAPP] Proof of Phone (PoP), Proof of GitHub Dapps [DAPP] Proof of GitHub (PoG). All “Proof of” micro oracles are in the same design now, and we will replace existing Dapps to the new design coming weeks.
  • A new, stealth-mode blockchain startup in music industry (Soundchain) started to use our Dapps to set-up their test network based on proof of authority consensus. They successfully started the test network and contributed helpful feedbacks to the documentation and logic.

New repositories:

Website changes:

Roadmap is still in process and I hope to publish it next week.

P.S. Igor received a notary commission in California


I know a small group of nodes started for the testnet to work. Are other notaries around the country (like me) supposed to have started running nodes as well or is this initial stage a “closed” node test?


Yes, we are still in internal test. Now upgrading Parity from 1.6.8 to 1.7.0 and trying to figure out how to fix issues like

We will be ready to start our new testnet with a subset of notaries next week. Would you like to participate in it?


I would like to participate in testnet


Happy to help test as well. Azure is my home cloud after all :slight_smile:

Best, Michael


Hey, interesting project, could please contact me via Telegram @iTuber? Have an offer


Congratulations on getting your license. Great progress for so far.


Andrey, I did! Thank you for your interest, will send you more information following week.

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Walter, thank you. How is your process with the setup of a testnet node? I don’t see you here
Please let me know if you need any help. I can answer here or we can set-up a remote session using Zoom or Appear

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Was my pleasure to speak with you, Igor! Will stay in touch)

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Hello, Ojijo here.
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