Oracles POA Network. News and updates #20

Couple weeks ago we could not even imagine how much attention Oracles POA Network would receive, and how enthusiastic the community would be about the project.
We are truly grateful for this support and looking forward to the next steps.
Currently, the team is working on launching the mainnet and getting POA to exchanges.

Here are some stats about the presale:

  • time to reach the hard cap: 58 secs;
  • total number of whitelist applications: 7,000;
  • average transaction price: 0.04634993 ETH;
  • number of countries, participated in presale: 41;
  • we offered same terms and conditions for all contributors, including the early investor/partner — Satoshi fund.

The presale was quite quick, but we are not focusing on vanity metrics.
We continue progressing towards our big vision: becoming a decentralized hub for connected POA networks.
This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more news.

With gratitude,
Oracles POA Networks team