Oxana Kunets, New York - Notary Public

Hello everyone!

My name is Oxana Kunets. I have been involved with POA Network since September 2017 and helped build a smart community and awareness around the project. An early POA Network Telegram channel member, I was excited to begin a conversation with a new member, helping explain the approach of the Network and hearing, “Oh, now I understand. It’s powerful.” When I first saw Igor Barinov, POA Network Founder and technical lead, show in person how bridge technology works, I was struck by how much it would mean for the future of blockchain connectivity and interoperability.

While helping to activate and grow the community for POA, I enjoyed how passionate about the project were the close supporters. There is obviously excitement about the concept of placing identity at stake and how it makes Validators acting in the interest of the network the most rational course to provide very inexpensive transactions.

I had an opportunity to meet several POA Network Validators and Core team members. I noted how seriously Validators take their role and how they all seem to immediately look for potential POA Network applications in their respective industry.

I live in New York, where becoming a Notary Public entails fulfilling a few requirements, including taking a written test. The Department of State of New York has now confirmed my status as active: see the link below. I have been running a SOKOL Network Bootnode for three months now and am familiar with node activation and maintenance. I turned up the Bootnode on my own following instructions on the POA Network Github and a few notes from active Validators. I recommend turning up a node in advance to understand the process and commitment required.

My background is in finance (investment banking) and now I work all over the world with various infrastructural blockchain projects, helping them with strategy, business model, and marketing. When I talk about POA Network with others, they are excited about:

  • Smplicity of consensus with room for gradual evolution as the needs of the network demand;
  • Complementary nature to Ethereum and interoperability with Ethereum-compatible networks;
  • Business models that bridge tech introduced from cross-chain tokensales to decentralized exchanges;
  • Team’s unbelievable work ethics and desire to execute, combined with true humility and self-awareness.

I am now fully qualified to become more involved with POA Network. I will help the community engage with POA Network and drive awareness for industries and projects in which they are interested. A Validator’s role gives a unique opportunity to be a benevolent guardian and a facilitator of progress. My activities in the industry allow me to continue to spread the word. Thank you for your support.

Presenting POA Network at Token Summit in San Francisco in December 2017


Name: Oxana Kunets
State: New York
Notary Public ID# 01KU6373701
New York Public Notary Search: https://appext20.dos.ny.gov/lcns_public/lic_name_search_frm
(Note, for search page, select either “ALL COUNTIES” or “KINGS COUNTY”
Expiration: 04/16/2022


Great to see you again Oxana!


Hello, Oxana, great introduction. Thank you for all you have done for POA Network, and thank you for running a Sokol bootnode these past months to help support the community. Your participation has helped educate and grow the community. Great job!

There is a growing interest in replacing conventional mezzanine and bond financing with blockchain based crowd funding. As a member of the investment banking community your insight on viable capital solutions for small business will be very valuable. Thanks again for your introduction and look forward to welcoming you aboard as a Sokol Validator.



The regulatory treatment of tokens is not yet clear in many jurisdictions. If a token is recognized as a security by a regulator, like a traditional bond or investment equity, its issuer must follow conventional securities rules. Otherwise the issuer may be in danger of offering unregistered securities. Blockchain is a new venue for raising capital, unique but definitely not applicable for everyone. And when a business evaluates blockchain based crowd financing as an option, a lot of factors need to come into play.


Thanks for your answer; makes good sense. I know there are many in the POA Network Community looking at blockchain as a possible replacement for conventional financing. Exciting possibilities to expand access to capital around the world. Thanks again!

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Welcome, Oxana. Thanks a lot for all the work you’ve done for POA community and congratulations on becoming a Notary Public in New York!


Welcome Oxana! :relaxed: Appreciate your support of Oracles/ POA last year. You maintained your node on the testnet well, and congratulations on your NY Notary license! I’m happy to have someone with investment banking experience here. Would love to hear about how you see your industry grow with blockchain technology and how POA can be a part of that. Feel free to direct message me too! Welcome Oxana! :relaxed:


Lillian, there are so many ways blockchain touches investment banking! A number of activities that investment bankers do also applies to blockchain industry: M&A activity is similar to conducting a tokensale, from fundraising to valuation, though those concepts are still under development in the blockchain industry. So it would not be surprising if sometime soon traditional bankers would take on blockchain projects and, just the opposite, a new profession - blockchain investment banker - would appear.
And as far as technology itself, investment banking would benefit from the concept of blockchain immutability and smart contracts: e.g. company reporting and earnings estimates/predictions. And then, appearance of new financial instruments will definitely impact how traditional banking operates.


Кунец - Молодец! Поздравляю!

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Congrats on becoming core validator! Great to have you part of the network. It’s starting to get exciting to see the progress POA has made these past few months.