Parity 2.3.2 and St.Petersfork

Dear Sokol Validators,

Parity has released version 2.3.2 containing a new flag eip1283DisableTransition which allows to disable EIP1283 (initially part of Constantinople HF) if it was already enabled.

Since we have enabled Constantinople in Sokol testnet, we have to make a hardfork to disable this EIP.
Hardfork has been scheduled on block 7026400 which is around Feb 6 depending on your timezone. Please update in advance.

Follow the instruction on the wiki page:

to update parity and disable EIP1283. It is important that you first update parity version and then perform the hardfork, since earlier parity versions won’t recognize the new flag.

When updated and verified, please notify us.
Github tracking issue:


Bumped parity version to 2.3.2


Activation of eip1283DisableTransition will happen 2019-02-06T17:15:00Z on Sokol Network