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Hi All,

We are testing some features of xdai. While testing we created the following transaction with the following hash:
Unfortunately this transaction stays in pending state. We have tried sending zero value transactions with a higher gasprice. This has zero effect. Are there any other options we can try?


You should cancel a tx with a previous nonce.

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Hi Igor,

Thanks for the quick reply. Whatever I do, it does not seem to cancel. Lower and same nonce either gives that the nonce is to low or with enough gas, it just gives back a hash with an invalid transaction. I am running a parity (openethereum) full node.

You should try 157

We should invalidate pending txs in BlockScout which are dropped from nodes.

Also with nonce 157 the transaction does not cancel. It seems to be stuck no mather what

Hi @olibaron

I see, that you successfully sent a transaction with nonce 157:

The following procedure will allow you to set correct nonce for new txs:
Here is the address in Blockscout
You can see the list of transactions. You can set from filter them to see only outgoing transactions. The last is on top. By clicking to the last transactions you will see its nonce on the transaction page. Currently, is the latest one accepted by validators. Its nonce is 169. Then you should try to send a new transaction with nonce 170.

Hi Victor,

Thank you for your quick reply. Nonces work. We were caught off guard by the blockscout explorer. Transactions are working as should. Impressed with speed and costs.



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