as Validator

Kovan is one of the best testnets that works fast and is integrated into many ethereum eco-system tools.
At - we are committed to keep this network alive, follow all necessary upgrades, run validator nodes, etc.

Our keys:
Mining: 0xa4df255ecf08bbf2c28055c65225c9a9847abd94
Voting: 0x0eeb508656212e1d5207bb3b297ac3db51ee5f49
Payout: 0x1ed6ef01620f02632454ef00d0b790e27d11ea89

email to contact:


@rstorm Please check your Kovan node. It hasn’t been working for two days.

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@rstorm a friendly reminder:

@rstorm Please check your Kovan validator node. It isn’t working at the moment