Please can someone help me

On Friday my POA tokens were not supported by Binance, so I transferred over to coinbase and I have found out that they do not support the POA network.
The amount I have lost / struggling to recover is quite substantial $50k

Coinbase sent me this below I am struggling to sort this a I am new to this.

Coinbase reply to me:

Hi David,

Thank you for reaching out to Coinbase Support. According to our records, it appears this transaction was performed using POA network.

Coinbase Wallet currently does not support this network, and we do not have access to these funds. Our best recommendation would be to import your wallet using the recovery phrase to a trusted private wallet provider that supports this network to retrieve these funds.

To learn what are the supported cryptocurrencies of Coinbase Wallet, please refer here:

We recommend performing a small test send before sending any large amounts to avoid loss of funds.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

End of coinbase message.

Can any of you help me please.

You should do what they told you here. Export your Coinbase Wallet and import it to MetaMask and then connect your MetaMask wallet to POA Network: MetaMask - POA