Please help me some KETH to test our invest and future exchange contract

Our team is developing on an investment contract and also create new future exchange contracts in Kovan test, it will integrate some third parties like Uniswap and Lending platform AAVE. So it’s great if you can help us to send 100 KETH to 150 KETH for testing.
My address is 0x39335eD10470f667AD1A2104F4c7A61841628D83

Thank you so much to read and support us.

You can get a bit of KETH from this faucet: Chainlink Faucet Unfortunately I personally can’t help more here.

HI Mr. @Mojmir, I have checked the Chainlink Faucet website. But maybe it doestn’t work. Do you know any other side to support me to get KETH?


I have sent you 50 KETH for testing: Kovan Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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