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The number of requests for KETH has increased significantly in recent weeks. To avoid spamming of non-related threads, we ask everyone to post these requests only to => Kovan Ethereum Testnet category under “Faucet Requests”.

It is also advised to elaborate in detail what is the purpose of your request, what you are building, and why do you need KETH.

All requests posted in different threads will be deleted immediately by the moderators. Also, please note that this forum is not a marketplace, so all accounts offering KETH for sale will be deleted instantly as well.


I would like to request 100 KETH for develope a token and smart contract.
Under Kovan Test Network

Im testing daily and never have enough KETH to make it to my deadlines… please send me as many as you possibly can


I need 100 Keth to test in BUNICORN Token. Thanks in advance.

I would like to request 100 KETH for developing a token and smart contract from an online course I am taking. Cheers


10 KETH. Thank you.

I am building a swap contract that will be taking taxes from every swap that occurs of our token through multiple exchanges and sending it to various holder accounts for re-distribution. I need 10-20 kETH, if possible for 3 different accounts, for all testing over the next 4 weeks please.
Accounts are:

If kETH can only be sent to one account, please send to the first one listed.
Thank you very much.

Hi, I would like to build a smart contract on Kovan Testnet.
I need 10 kETH
Here is my account
Thank you very much.

hello , im write smart contract on kovan testnet for 0x api
i need 50 KETH
my account 0xb8BB780CB8B579fAF9Ab47224C53aF80A86454E3


Hey !, I need 100 KETH , for development of a Decentralized system (I plan to use a chain of smart contracts) . I also have a practical demo coming up soon so if I could have it by then it would be great.

Thanks in Advance and Regards,