Please refund busd of transaction to token contract

Hi Support Team,

I has a problem

My address: 0x9ed0D83d02ef3A8216a057cFB67cb41ede556E53

Today i have a tranfer busd but im misstake 1000 BUSD to BUSD address on Moonriver
Busd contract: 0x5D9ab5522c64E1F6ef5e3627ECCc093f56167818
Transaction detail:
TX: Transaction 0x2fe8aa0364478bc5e16f178236c8a2389f9e1c3cdae9fc9fd946ef61b0ab7ac8 - Moonriver Explorer

Please help me refund it transaction that.


somebody help me. thank

You need to contact directly the Moonriver team, this forum is the wrong place for that.

@Mojmir how do we contact moonriver support?

Landed here after googling for 5 seconds: Moonriver - Solidity Smart Contracts on Kusama Can see a couple of social media channels listed on the top.