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POA BlockScout presentation at the 2019 EthClassic Summit

POA Network just returned from the EthClassic Summit in Vancouver, where we were invited to present on the latest and greatest BlockScout features.

At last year’s summit, POA tech lead Igor Baranov demo’d BlockScout, the full-featured, open-source block explorer that supports many EVM chains, including Ethereum Classic (ETC). This year, Andrew Gross, a technical writer with POA, shared some of the features and functionality POA has been busy working on. He also showcased additional POA tools that support ETC, including Nifty Wallet and TokenBridge.

Some of the newest BlockScout features include:

  • Decoded Views: Method Calls and Logs are decoded to provide additional information to developers
  • API improvements: Eth RPC methods have been added, and endpoints extended for contracts
  • Performance Optimizations: Backend optimizations using ETS (Erlang Term Storage) and front-end optimizations like code isolation are improving load speeds.
  • UI improvements: In addition to a redesign, features like transaction labelling, csv downloads, and night mode improve the user experience.

In addition to current features, the presentation covered the BlockScout roadmap, which will incorporate items like NFT metadata views and executable contract methods directly from the interface.

We also highlighted Nifty Wallet, which provides native ETC support, TokenBridge, which includes a live ETC <-> WETC bridge mode , and the new AMB bridge mode which allows users to transfer non-fungible tokens across networks (for example from Ethereum Classic to Ethereum Mainnet, or Ethereum Classic to POA Network).

Finally, we spoke on POA Network’s mission to provide all EVM chains access to advanced, open-source, full-featured tools. We are dedicated to creating and providing these tools to promote our vision of horizontal scalability, where many connected chains work together within a collaborative blockchain ecosystem.

The presentation can be viewed below.