POA Bridge Launch — Live Demo


Live demo Thursday, May 10, 11 am ET POA Network will showcase fast, seamless $1 million transfer in POA native tokens from POA Network to Ethereum network and back in under 10 minutes

The first production cross-chain bridge between two blockchain networks is launching on May 10. POA Network announces the POA Bridge which makes it possible to transfer tokens quickly and cost-effectively from the POA Network to the Ethereum network and back. To demonstrate the security and speed of the solution, POA will transfer $1 million in POA native tokens to the Ethereum network as ERC20-compatible tokens and back again. The entire process takes under ten minutes with just a few clicks. The live demo is streaming Thursday, May 10 at 11:00 am ET on DAPP University Youtube channel.


With the POA Bridge, this is the first time two Ethereum protocol based blockchains have been directly connected in production. POA Network’s cross-chain bridge is an open source project which proves cross chain bridges can work safely and securely between two blockchains.

“For the first time we have made it fast and inexpensive to transfer tokens directly between two blockchains which will allow businesses to do transactions much more cost-efficiently on the blockchain. The POA Bridge is an interoperability protocol that addresses the ongoing problem of scalability and connectivity,” said the developer evangelist for the R&D team Ziggy Zeidan. “Blockchains today can be very slow and congested so users must utilize different solutions to avoid this problem. It is essential to find a method to directly bridge these blockchains and that is what we are demonstrating.”

POA Network’s vision is to create an ecosystem of multiple networks designed for connectivity using bridges. Projects might choose to move the most computation-intensive transactions on the POA Network thus enabling faster transaction processing with lower costs and a higher efficiency.

“Our POA algorithm is applicable to a broad range of uses by institutions, government agencies and industries like insurance, supply chain, medicine, and more,” said Zeidan. “The POA consensus algorithm makes for a faster and more efficient blockchain that will attract new users and use-cases. With the POA Bridge we are creating a use-case for showing how blockchains can gain access to more liquidity. By creating POA20, we are allowing sidechain tokens to access new markets.”

Ian Ferrell, AR - Notary Public

The POA tech team is outstanding!


the website is updated with a new bridge page


This is looking great! The POA Bridge Support Page is very helpful too.


Massive kudos to the team for doing a great job on this. It looks fantastic, and as @shyang said, the support page offers excellent help and explanations. Looking forward to the demo!


Grats on the smooth bridging demo! First in crypto. Loved it!


Excellent live stream. Great job tech team!


Great job! Bridge page is very helpful. Thank you!


Even you guys were a little surprised how fast it went the second time @rstorm @igorbarinov

Just the beginning


True. I thought something went wrong, but it already went thru.


we can transfer Eth’s ERC20 tokens to POA network, and vice versa using the POA bridge in near future?


Yes. You can do it now and in the future.


correct. That’s exactly how it works right now.