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POA Bridge validators wanted!

Hi everyone!

We are announcing an initiative to extend the current set of POA Bridge validators.

The POA-POA20 Bridge is a key component of the POA Core blockchain. It provides increased liquidity of native POA tokens by facilitating transfers to the Ethereum Mainnet in the form of ERC20-compatible tokens (POA20). Currently more than 19 million POA native tokens are locked in the bridge contract and reside on the Ethereum Mainnet. This is 7.5% of the total supply, meaning the bridge contract is the 3rd largest holder of POA tokens.

Reasons for extending the validators set:

  1. Increase protection of the funds locked on the bridge! At this moment there are only 3 validators. A larger validators set will make an attack on the bridge more difficult.
  2. To enhance bridge reliability! Additional validators will support transaction relay even if one or two other validators are out of service.
  3. To improve decentralization! All validators participate in making decisions related to bridge parameters and functionality.

To help new validators with onboarding POA Network will provide:

  • Full coverage for bridge transaction fees on both sides: Ethereum Mainnet and POA Core network.
  • Assistance with the bridge oracle deployment and configuration. But you still need to dedicate a system to be run 24/7.

Additional news for new validators: We are planning to upgrade the existing bridge contract to support mediators for the Arbitrary Message Bridge (AMB) and POA bridge validators will switch to the new oracle. After migration the bridge will allow validators to collect fees for transactions to relay tokens. Fees may be collected in both directions (ie when bridging POA to POA20 and when bridging POA20 to POA). The fees will be determined by the validators and distributed amongst them.

For example, with a 0.1% transfer fee, the current 19 million tokens transferred from POA - POA20 would have resulted in 19,000 tokens distributed among bridge validators.

If you are interested in becoming a POA Bridge validator, please reply on this post and we will contact you soon.


@poa-validators please draw your attention

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Do the bridge validators also have to be named US notaries like the POA chain validators?
Or could also xDAI validators like Anyblock serve the bridge?

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Hi Freddy

Do the bridge validators also have to be named US notaries like the POA chain validators?

Not really. POA Bridge is an app on top of POA and Ethereum networks. We asked POA validators because we think it’s in their best interest to support the bridge.

Or could also xDAI validators like Anyblock serve the bridge?

Sure, I don’t see a problem if existing bridge validators vote you in. By the way, here is the roles/security model of the bridge https://docs.tokenbridge.net/about-tokenbridge/features/tokenbridge-roles

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I’m always interested in helping promote POA growth through tangible use cases that make the network more attractive to early adopters. POA20, shipped exactly two years ago, was the first cross-blockchain bridge transferring real value to and from the mainnet, and I think that its full potential is yet to be realized. I think that close alignment with the main Ethereum ecosystem is crucial to POA’s success.

Great things always take time. Sign me up! Time to spin up another VM.

Best, MM


Hello Guys, do validators have to be based in USA? or EU (Belgium / Luxembourg) is also good. What kind of technical requirement is needed. I’ve local, cloud ressources within Infomaniak, AWS…

Hi, could you please introduce yourself?

Bridge validators can be anywhere. Requirements are quite relaxed. You have to host your node on a low spec hardware but keep the account and ssh secure.

Sure :slight_smile: my name is David. I’m a public officer (Bailiff) in Belgium, working on blockchain development. Indeed, I’m also an IT dev passionate about Linux for 15 years and blockchain for 3 years. I’m working on the development of a legal-blockchain consortium in the Parity environment (logion). With my partners, I’m also building DeFI services in BE and FR. I look back with great interest on what you’ve been doing for the last few months…


Hi, I signed up to reply to this post. I’m Rob, currently a validator on another project using a bridge based on POA. I would be interested in finding out more about becoming a validator on the POA network as well. I live in the UK and work in IT. I run an outsourced dedicated server and VPS’s.

My main interests are in creating good infrastructure that enable good products to be built, validating suits me well. Would be pleased to DM to discuss things further.


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Thanks for the intro. If it is not a private info, for which bridge are you running your validator node?

Hi Igor, I validate on the fuse.io network. I’ve had some input in bug fixing etc of node code and performance. Given it’s the same underlying bridge tech, I hope I can learn and contribute to both projects.



I’d be willing to be a bridge validator as well. Let me know if possible.

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Hi POA friends,

My name is Paul Pham, and I’d like to be a POA bridge validator. I’m a software engineer in Brooklyn, New York, USA and an avid enthusiast about distributed systems and Ethereum since 2015. I first learned about POA at Devcon4 in Prague, and have been studying it at slow and deliberate pace, impressed with its scaling and usability, and a promise of making onboarding easy and fun: a magical experience for new ETH users.

I’ve been developing a ZK wallet for AZTEC, to enable private trading over Ethereum, but have been daunted by the high (200k+) gas costs. xDAI would enable exciting privacy applications such as this. I have a fast and reliable internet connection, and am looking forward to joining this community and learning more about staking firsthand.




I am George, the founder of Syncnode, a software development company that is also running validation services on multiple chains like: xDAI, comos, IRIS, terra, Solana, Celo.

Also I was one of the investors in POAs ICO in 2017 :slight_smile: and I would be interested to run a POA bridge validator.

Thank you!