POA coin transfer to Metamask

Let’s see if anyone can help here :slight_smile: Newbie here sorry! :smile: …When i setup Metamask for POA Custom RPC it should give me the same address for POA than i already have for my ETH isn’t?

Then if i buy some POA in a given exchange and it asks to me my POA wallet address…is this the address i must give it to the exchange in order they can send my POA? A bit confused here because i think that POA is somehow like MATIC that you can buy some MATIC ERC-20 then use a bridge to “transfer those ERC-20 tokens” to MATIC native token in its separated blockchain…is this the same for POA?

Or i can buy my POA coins and give them the address i already have in Metamask(matching my own ETH address) and then when changing to POA custom RPC (network) i will see mi coins there?

Thanks in advance!