POA Core Roadmap 2019

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For POA Core, the roadmap of 2019 includes increased adoption, improved consensus and upgraded governance.


  • Increase adoption of POA Network by new DApps. Check DApps on POA on State of the dapps.
  • Enhance great developer experience with blockchain explorer BlockScout and web wallet NiftyWallet
  • Help DApps from Foundation network to scale on POA using TokenBridge
  • Follow updates of Ethereum Foundation network, e.g. Constantinople and Ethereum 1.x
  • Develop support for a new client on POA Core. At the moment, POA supports Parity We plan to introduce POA governance model into Mana-Ethereum client



  • Increase number of validators to 25 validators. List of current validators is here. In Dec 2018 there are 23 validators on POA Core Network and
  • Use the self-sustainability model of the POA Core through the emission fund to support R&D and operations of the net
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