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POA full node setup issue


I tried to setup POA full node by this tutorial and faced with the following error:

Could not resolve host: get.parity.io

It seems parity has blocked binary downloads and you have to build node from sources.
What is the recommended way for setup/update POA full node now?

Hi @abliamit,

We’ve just updated the tutorial. You need to download the binary from GitHub and use it as described on the page. Parity recently turned off their *.parity.io subdomains, so that link, unfortunately, doesn’t work anymore.


Hi @varasev!

How long it takes to sync a full node?
I started sync about 10 days ago and only 2531627 blocks were synced by now.
My node uses OpenEthereum v3.0.0 with archive option on. (pruning = “archive”).
Only 14/25 peers are connected currently and sync speed is super slow!

Yeah, it’s too slow. At the end of last year we synced POA archive node - it took about 8 days (but it was on one of old versions). Could you try v2.7.2 instead of v3.0.0? Or try to sync on another server. To compare speed: if it is faster, you can fully sync with v2.7.2 and then replace v2.7.2 with v3.0.0 (it will convert database automatically). But I don’t think, the issue is in version. Rather, it is server or connectivity.

Non-archive node was fully synced just in 2 days at the same server, so I am sure that network connection is good.
I used v2.7.2 for the first 5 days, then upgraded it to v3.0.0. No difference, the same slow speed.
Are there any alternative bootstrap configurations to try?

You can try this method as well: https://medium.com/@marcandrdumas/are-ethereum-full-nodes-really-full-an-experiment-b77acd086ca7 (also, take a look at --no-periodic-snapshot, --cache-size-db, and --cache-size-state config options as mentioned in the article).