POA, I need your help

Dear community leader, hello.

I can only request your help here now.

I am a friend from China and I saw POA on Twitter. Learned the greatness of your technology.

But today, I saw an event about you, sending 0.5 to 1 Ethereum to a specific Ethereum address. So I bought 0.51 Ethereum directly from BINANCE and sent it to this address:


Afterwards, I realized that I had made a serious mistake because my English was not very good and I did not understand the rules of the activity. I hope the leaders and friends of the community can help me.

**This is the TXID I sent Ethereum:*:

If the leaders of the community saw it, they hope to help me find it back. Although not much, it is very important to me. Thank you, I hope you can make progress. I will support you.