POA Network and Kauri announce partnership to increase access to information in the Ethereum ecosystem

POA Network is pleased to announce a new partnership and technical collaboration with Kauri, a ConsenSys-backed repository for Ethereum developer resources. This effort is designed to improve information access and delivery across the Ethereum ecosystem. Kauri is a community-run knowledge network which enables Web3 developers to learn, contribute, and support one another. To improve UX and decentralization Kauri has selected the POA Core network as a utility network to support its Ethereum mainnet operations. Moving transactions to the POA network makes use of POA’s transaction speed and reliability while decreasing Ethereum mainnet transaction volume.

This collaboration is already underway, as Kauri’s community smart contract has been successfully deployed to POA Core. The community smart contract manages community permissions and roles on the Kauri platform.

“We use meta-transactions behind the scenes so that interactions for the end user are gasless and seamless.”Craig Williams, Kauri Engineer. “POA’s network enables Kauri to continue improving the high quality experience we bring to our users.”

The POA team and Kauri have previous experience working together; Kauri.io holds a number of POA and xDai focused tutorials, including posts on the TokenBridge and connecting to the xDai Stable Chain. Earlier this year, Kauri hosted an information session where they discussed the importance of Ethereum sidechains, layer 2 protocols, and the opportunity to deploy on POA Core. As part of the discussion, POA Network was featured as a project capable of reducing network congestion and providing transactional stability. This is where Kauri first teased the plan to deploy to POA Core.

“We are excited to continue working with Kauri in their mission to improve decentralization and enhance the user experience by leveraging the POA Core network.” Igor Barinov, Tech Lead of POA Network “POA products are for people who believe the Ethereum protocol must be cheap, fast, scalable and secure and we are happy to see a fantastic product like Kauri recognize and help with our mission.”

The community smart contracts deployment is the first of two phases as Kauri moves data to the POA network. In the second phase, article metadata (IPFS hash etc) will also be stored on the POA Core, further reducing data congestion on the mainnet.

About POA Network

POA Network develops products for people who believe that the Ethereum protocol must be cheap, fast and scalable. POA Network has a growing ecosystem of open-source projects that deliver key solutions for the Ethereum community including the open-source full-featured block explorer BlockScout, an array of Bridges for interoperability between EVM chains powered by the TokenBridge and Nifty Wallet to focus on usability of real-world applications. For more information visit poa.network.

About Kauri

Kauri.io is a platform bringing together developers, engineers and technologists, both beginners and experts in their fields. As Kauri users they can share, collaborate, maintain and discuss content around any topics related to emerging technologies. Kauri’s main goals are to improve the on-boarding experience for web3 developers and to help project maintainers reach more readers and contributors, with high-quality and up-to-date community maintained content.

Kauri has good engagement with members of the Blockchain space, around 700 articles have been published covering many previous knowledge gaps. The community product is in beta with new topic areas coming online each month.