POA Network Announcement -- End of Life ( EOL ) of current testnet

Hi Everyone!

This has been exciting week and highly recommend you checkout the latest news and updates.

POA News & Updates #23

The current testnet ( http://testnet.oracles.org:3000/ ) has exhausted it’s utility and the time has come to clean up these resources and prep for new testnet aka Sokol.

The End of Life process requires the following Validators to delete their current running nodes.

These are:

Instruction to delete existing Validator testnet node

In addition, we’ll need to have some System Ops clean up ( Pavel Khahulin @phahulin ) to delete:

  • Bootnodes
  • Netstat
  • Explorer

The next step will be to get the next set of Validators migrated to new testnet aka Sokol, so as Validators it is important to engage, persistent and respond.

Please post general questions here. If you have further questions send me a message.

The testnet is dead! Long live the testnet! :slight_smile:



Welcome to the Sokol


Great news! Awaiting the Sokol set up info.

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@igorbarinov can you initialize a key for @henryvishnevsky for sokol testnet?


Old test validator retired. Let’s get the Sokol up in the air. It’s a beautiful bird.

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@Micwebnet its underground :slight_smile:

It soars even underground :slight_smile: image

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We will initial keys for @henryvishnevsky on Core mainnet after Inception phase. There is no need to run a node on Sokol for him.


Great progress, looking forward to the next step.

@wkarshat thank you!

Zlata @777zba, please shut down your node on Azure. You are the last of Mohicans down there.

Old testnet is closed.
Thank you everyone for participating, we learned a lot.