POA Network Announcement -- Sokol Testnet, Validator participation requirements

Hi All!

Hope every one enjoyed the Holiday.

The old testnet has been successfully deprecated and we are actively bootstrapping the Sokol Testnet.

To participate on the Sokol Testnet the following are now hard requirements:

  • Be a Notary with a valid license
  • Was a Validator on the old testnet
  • Actively participated in governance on testnet
  • Write a post about yourself in Validators Intro section of forum with links

Thanks and looking forward to getting Sokol Testnet up and running and excited about what’s ahead for POA Network in 2018.


I’ve been with POA network since July. The promise of the balanced low-cost fault-tolerant distributed compute networks secured by distributed respectable individuals (rather than a centralized entity) with on-the-blockchain governance is promising to deliver a more stable long-term platform for distributed DSaaS offerings, so much needed to disrupt today’s biased client-server SaaS architectures.

I’m looking forward to using POA as the foundation to build the next generation of independent review systems like Yelp and ServiceMagic and market forecast systems like Zillow and Redfin. With POA we get all of the benefits offered by the vibrant Ethereum ecosystem, and don’t have to deal with any of its scalability and energy-footprint issues. Best of both worlds!

Looking to help continue ensure that the new improvements we integrate from the other branches do not regress POA mainnet SLA. 2018 is the year of POA.

Full Name: Michael Milirud
Notary License: 192931
Expiration: 06/19/2021
State: Washington
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmilirud/
Original validator info: Michael Milirud, WA Notary Public

I don’t think

  • be a notary
  • to be a validator on the old testnet
  • participation in past in governance

should be a requirement for Sokol


  • notary candidates can participate in Sokol
  • new applicants can participate in Sokol

we should be more open to new validators. validators who participated earlier should have preferences in line

P.S. @Micwebnet you are good to participate in Core network. Sokol is optional.

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I’m good running nodes on both Sokol and Core nets (I’m strongly considering creating a domain-specific peer POA network, so want to know as much as I can about the DevOps involved in POA). Sounds like we have an opportunity to try the voting Dapp here :slight_smile: I do agree that testnet is a great way to vet validators into mainnet. I do also agree that participation in governance is an important indicator of validator’s accountability to the network ops.

There needs to be a forcing function in place to ensure validators remain attentive to the needs of the network they help operate. With the proposed requirements applied, how many validators will we end up with for mainnet? Is the proposal to bring people in as they pass the requirements in the testnet?

Best, Michael


Apologies, I misspoke about the Validator requirements for Sokol testnet.

I also agree with Igor’s suggestion that Sokol should be open to new Validators and earlier Validators should be given first consideration.

FYI, there is an interesting discussion around ensuring Validator participation here:

Legal – Validator Participation Agreement

It is worth reviewing/commenting for existing and prospective Validators.