POA Network. News and updates #23

Dear Friends,

This has been a big week for our team, where a lot has happened with POA Network launching and POA tokens distributed to the presale contributors!

Here’s the summary of the technical updates and other news from POA Network:

  1. Mainnet Launch and the Roadmap
    December 15th was the day when we officially launched POA Network! We have prepared an article where we gave some insights on the mainnet launch and our roadmap for the future. You can read it to know more about our long-term plan, our various stages (Inception, Stability and Expansion) and what you can expect from each stage.

  2. Connection to Wallets
    Now that POA Network is live and tokens are distributed, we have prepared a guide on how to connect various wallets to POA network (MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, our partner TrustWallet, Ledger Wallet and also Trezor). You can check out the guide here, and we’re happy to answer your questions in our official channels.

  3. Security Audits
    This week our security audits were finalized and you can view the results here. These include audits of smart contract, mobile wallet, and network attacks. Speaking of security, we have obtained an Extended Validation certificate for our sites! Green bars when browsing through poa.network!

  4. Igor Barinov in SVK Crypto Podcast
    Our very own Igor has been featured in SVK Crypto podcast, where he talks about POA network, goals, and long-term vision. Check out what he has to say!

That is it for now. Please stay tuned for more exciting news to come! In the meantime, you can join the discussion in our telegram channel