POA Network. News and updates #24

Dear Friends,

Happy holidays! We hope everyone is having great holidays and is ready to ring in 2018 with a bang!

Over the past week, while we took some time off, we still were doing a lot of work behind the scenes in an effort to start 2018 ready to go.

Here’s the summary of the technical updates and other news from the POA Network team:

1. Wikipedia Article
Good news - Wikipedia has accepted our article on POA! You can check it out here

2. POA Network Blockchain Explorer
We have been getting a lot of questions regarding the blockchain explorer. We are still working on an official blockchain explorer which will be available soon. We have added a widget on the top of our website which shows some information regarding block number, average generation time and soon will contain the price. We have also had community members create their own explorer. This explorer was created by Linsay (@linsayalcindor9 in Telegram), one of our very active telegram members. Well done Linsay!

3. Independent Bootnodes

Not only are members like Linsay are creating explorers for the community, but other members have also started to spin off full nodes and bootnodes. This is good for decentralization. Bootnodes are included in our specification files and each new instance of full node has a list of independent bootnodes.

We’d like to thank:

  • Artem Kharlamov (1 bootnode)
  • Alex Edwards (1 bootnode)
  • Croft Utility Partners (3 bootnodes)

4. Inception Stage Progress
Speaking of updates, the last two weeks since we launched our Inception stage and network has been busy! We have have 200,000 blocks validated since December 15th! While these blocks were processed by our validators, we have also have had three people start to run their independent nodes.

5. POA Forum in Mandarin
Some of you may have already noticed, we now have a Chinese branch in the forum. All admin forum posts will be available in Mandarin now and our Chinese community now has a central area where they can go and discuss POA! This is still work in progress, so we welcome your suggestions and contributions!

6. New Media Mentions
Ian Balina included POA Network in his review as one of the 5 high-potential projects for 2018. Check out what he has to say at the following timestamp. Thank you, Ian, for your positive words about POA Network!
On top of that, we have also been mentioned in ETC Dev summit when talking about cross chain interoperability. Check out what was said at the following timestamp.

Humans of POA #1

We are starting “Humans of POA”, an additional part on each newsletter to introduce different team members to the community! This week we are starting with our community manager, Ziggy.


What is your name: Ziggy

What is your role: I am a community manager for POA, a role that I only started recently after helping out the POA team with community management during the presale period.

Why did you join the POA team: As an early enthusiast in cryptocurrency, I have seen hundreds of projects over the last four years appear and disappear without making much of a revolutionary change in the ecosystem. When researching POA, I found that it is different the other blockchain projects, how solves a lot of the problems that others have struggled with and I knew that I wanted to be a part of the team. Thankfully, Igor and the rest have been very welcoming and made me feel comfortable when joining.

What is a typical day working with POA: I spend a lot of time in the telegram channel answering most common questions ( when exchange x 1000). But I also gather news and updates on a daily basis, maintain a communication line between the team and community, write up technical reports and more.

How do you see POA Network evolving in a year and going forward: I look forward to seeing a lot of DAPPS being developed on top of the network, for the deployment of cross-chain bridges between Ethereum compatible networks. I see a lot of projects launching their own connected POA blockchains! 2018 is going to a big year for POA!

As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback and welcome your ideas on the project’s future development!

POA Network Team

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