POA Network. News and updates #25

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We have had a busy week as we prepare for the end of Inception phase and getting ready for the next stage, Stability. Over the last week, a study was published talking about the benefits of POA consensus, we have been adding more bootnodes to our network and also there were more mentions of POA in the media!

Here’s what we’d like to share with you this week:

1. Vermont Law School published their Financial Technology Report discussing POA
The report discusses the benefits of blockchain technology and POA consensus in different sectors and industries which would help Vermont support their economic growth. We have written an article below summarizing their findings. Check it out here!

2. Token Summit video
Back in December, we have had the pleasure of travelling to San Fransisco, where Lena and Oxana gave a presentation on POA Network. The video has now been uploaded to YouTube and you can watch it here.

3. Github Wiki and FAQ
Having so much information spread out over many different channels could be exhausting. As such we have created a Wiki page on our Github that will be a central point for all our resources. There we have all information, from instructions on connecting wallets, guides on installing bootnodes, to general FAQ page. The wiki is still a work in progress, so expect it to be constantly changing and improving. Check out the Wiki page here and check out our FAQ section here.

4. Inception Update
As we are nearing the end of the Inception stage, we have started to add more bootnodes and have started adding more Validators on our testnet where we now have a total of 9 validators! Currently, on our testnet we have half of Ethereum’s mainnet bootnodes! We will be adding more Validators to the mainnet in our next stage, Stability. For a refresher on our stages, check out our mainnet launch article on medium here.

5. We are hiring!
The POA team is expanding! We are scaling up and are looking to hire more helping hands to join our team. Check out our career page here and if any of the roles sound perfect for you, apply today!

6. WCEF Hackathon
POA are proud sponsors of the WCEF Crypto Hackathon. Igor Barinov, Roman Storm and Dr Jeff Flowers will all be there representing the team. Prizes for the hackathon include $5,000 and $1,000 in POA tokens! Please contact the team if you will be there and want to catch up.

Many of you have been asking about POA token listing on exchanges. We would like to remind you that POA Network is not affiliated with any crypto exchange and we have no insights on their internal processes. Therefore, we cannot comment on the timing of the listing, neither can we point to where the token will be listed, until this is announced by the exchanges. Thank you for your understanding and for your patience. We’re working hard to deliver the high quality product to the market and will continue to focus on this mission!

Humans of POA #2

Last week we started Humans of POA, a weekly part of our newsletter to highlight the different members working on POA Network and to give our community an insight into who they are and what they do. This week we have Alex!


What is your name: Alex Kolotov

What is your role: Starting from October I was involved in the project, working on the bridge solution to the set of products available for POA Network users. I am investigating ideas currently presented in the Internet and considering new ones which respond to the ability to connect blockchain platforms to each other and transfer digital assets between networks. The results of my investigation will be applied in form of the bridge software to extend POA infrastructure for DApp developers.

Why did you join the POA team: I have started researching into blockchain technologies a while ago. I found the ideas that were presented on every layer of the stack quite interesting and worth investigating. When I was invited to join the POA Network project I discovered lots of new opportunities to continue my research in this area. I think that the results of my work could help the community to build very practical products and help to spread blockchain technologies in our daily lives.

Could you lift the veil on investigation you are currently doing: I am hoping that this isn’t a massive secret… The current subject of my research is to find out a way to implement a cryptokitties-like game on top of the bridge project. The original game was the first widely used trial for non-fungible tokens and we will see similar projects in the near future. So they will be not only about games, but also for real-world objects like real estate, cars, cargos etc. It is very important to solve performance issues which could appear when projects like these will start in future. One of the possible ways to do this is to split the token management functionality between two networks using the cross-bridge chain technology.

What is a typical day working with POA: My day to day working activity is actually very similar to software developers; I read a lot of documentation and source code, I prepare development notes with new ideas related to the bridge functionality, discussing them with other team members, and of course I am writing the code that’s needed as well.

How do you see POA Network evolving in a year and going forward: It is quite obvious that cross-chain bridges will be widely adopted to significantly extend DAPP abilities. So, hopefully POA Network will be one of the first project on this frontier since we have technical expertise and strong motivation to achieve this.

As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback and welcome your ideas on the project’s future development!

POA Network Team

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