POA Network. News and updates #27



Dear Friends,

We have a lot to share with you in this update, including validator updates, new media and videos, and Humans of POA interview with one of our core developers, Yurii.

Here’s what we’d like to share with you this week:

1. Network updates
We have recently completed the initial Ceremony and we now have a total of 12 independent validators on the Core network with 25% of the validator being women. We have also reached a milestone by validating 1 million blocks on the 11th of February!

2. Ballot process
In this video, a panel including Roman Storm, Jeff Flowers, Stephen Arsenault, Jim O’Regan, and John LeGassic informally discuss the POA Network’s governance and ballot process. In addition, the validators discuss various other aspects of the POA Network. Check out the video below.


3. Coinomi wallet adding POA
We are happy to announce that we have partnered up with Coinomi multi-asset wallet for mobile devices. The app is currently only available for Android devices on the Google store and as of the latest update, you can now store your POA tokens. The integration into Coinimi brings POA to over 500K users and we would like to thank the Coinimi team for their time and effort in adding POA.

4. Igor Barinov and Roman Storm interview in ScalingNOW!
Igor and Roman were both guests of Giveth in ScalingNOW! Throughout the hour and a half interview, Igor and Roman discuss the Governance model, POA Network, and cross-bridge technology. Check out the video below!


5. POA Team goes to EthDenver
This weekend, POA are happy to be one of the sponsors and judges for the EthDenver hackathon. Igor Barinov, Roman Storm, Andrew Cravenho and Ziggy Zeidan will all be there representing the team. Prizes for the hackathon include $3,000, $2,000 and $1000 in POA tokens for the first three places. Please contact the team if you will be there and want to catch up.

Humans of POA #4

This week, our human of POA is Yurii, Rust Development Lead and one of our core developers! Yurii has almost 20 years of experience in software development and has worked with Igor before POA.

What is your name: Yurii Rashkovskii

What is your role: Something along the lines of “Rust/Parity Development Lead”, however, it doesn’t really explain much about what I am (or will be) working on. These days my activities included reading a whole ton of code, making sense out of it, patching glaring and subtle bugs, as well as developing some tooling to help POA achieve its operational objectives. Not to mention helping with evaluating potential candidates to join our team.

Having been in the industry for some two decades or so, it is obvious to me now that one of the biggest challenges is the ability of companies, teams, individuals and documents to provide clear communication of objectives, motivation and details. Miscommunication is a killer problem and I see part of my role as helping the team to discover and use communication methods that will ensure the longevity of their product.

Why did you join the POA team: I’ve worked with Igor before and, while we might have had some disagreements, I suspect he has a never-ending source of energy. Combined with a good understanding of the technicals, that’s a rare combination. Was worth checking out what he’s up to next. Even though at the time Ethereum wasn’t in the focus of my blockchain interests (I personally focused on Bitcoin), I decided it is worth a go.

What are you currently working on: A little bit of everything, which (sadly) doesn’t provide me with enough focus and dedication that can result in something really interesting. However, this is a pain we’re already working on resolving by growing the team I will be working with. This way we can achieve the depth of focus we really need.

What is a typical day working with POA: Good question. Most of the programming-related work is rather mundane. It is only the occasional discoveries or achievements that break this routine. These days, my typical routine includes a lot of thinking and reading. I prefer to write as little code as possible to resolve a problem. I am not always successful at that, but that’s the goal. Over time, I expect to see a shift towards different modes of communication to help the team as a whole achieve its objectives.

How do you see POA Network evolving in a year and going forward: From where I stand, the most interesting aspect of it (not to mention, the one I am more exposed to) is the future of collaboration with Parity Technologies. I think POA Network can become a development partner to provide the original team with much-needed resources and operational experience.

That’s it for this update! As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback and welcome your ideas on the project’s future development!

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Solid work, everyone ought to be proud of how this project is progressing. It is making a name for itself at the conferences/meetups/etc - that’s awesome.


Awesome update and progress! It’s so exciting to see this company grow so quickly! :slight_smile: