POA Network. News and updates #28


Dear Friends,

This week we have a recap of crypto-conference ETHDenver, Roman Storm is here to explain upgradable contracts and to top it off we have another issue of Humans of POA. Let’s kick things off with ETHDenver.

1. ETHDenver
Representing POA Network at the conference were Igor Barinov, Roman Storm, Andrew Cravenho and Ziggy Zeidan. As well as sponsoring and judging the hackathon, Igor Bainov joined a panel to discuss Ethereum’s scalability issues and how POA offers a solution and Roman Storm ran a workshop demoing the latest Bridge technology.

We will have a post later this week with full recap and details of the winners and their projects. As for the hackathon projects, the team narrowed down the many applicants to just three lucky winners:

  1. Bulletproof confidential Transactions - $3,000 in POA tokens
  2. Canteen- $2,000 in POA tokens
  3. Relevant Bonding Curve- $1,000 in POA tokens

2. Web3 Foundation Team discussing Ethereum’s scalability solutions
Last week, Web3 Foundation Team published a post discussing the different projects that deal with the short-term scaling solutions of Ethereum. Amongst the projects being discussed is our very own POA Network! You can read the post in full here!


3. Creating upgradable smart contracts on POA Network
In this video, Roman Storm, gives a tutorial and demo on how to create upgradable smart contracts on the POA Network. The tutorial is inspired by a post on the Zeppelinos OS website.


4. Igor Barinov and Roman Storm interview in ScalingNOW!
In our last newsletter, we had posted the video interview with Igor and Roman were both guests of Giveth in ScalingNOW!. For those that enjoy reading rather than watching, the transcript from the interview was published on a Medium post for you guys to enjoy. The transcripts includes discussions on POA Network, cross-chain bridges, and onchain governance. Check it out here!

5. SV Ethereum Meetup at Stanford
As you may recall, POA Network regularly helps with the SV Ethereum meetups by sponsoring and recording the talks that take place there. Check out the talks from this month.



That’s it for this update! As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback and welcome your ideas on the project’s future development!

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Great update Ziggy! Seriously thanks for managing the POA telegram network and these awesome newsletter updates! :relaxed: