POA Network. News and updates #31

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Over the past three weeks, the POA Network team has been very busy with the launch of the POA Bridge and POA20 Token. We cover the launch of the project in this update along with detailing our new support portal and shedding light on our Mana Project with our Humans of POA guest. Let's get into it!

1. The POA Bridge & POA20
On May 10th, we launched the POA Bridge and POA20 token! The POA Bridge makes it possible to transform tokens quickly and cost-effectively from the POA Network to the Ethereum network and back. The POA Network Team also showcased this in a live stream which featured 1,200,000 POA native tokens being transformed to POA20 tokens on the Ethereum network and back again! We have published an article about the livestream and it can be viewed here. You can start using the POA Bridge right now by clicking here!

2. DApp University's Video About Bridges
Gregory from DApp University has been working hard creating videos for the POA Bridge. Below is a YouTube playlist from DApp University showing all the different tutorials he did in relation to it, including an introduction to the Bridge as well as a recording of the live stream event! Check it out below!

3. Mana (Ethereum Client) Developer Ayrat

POA Core Developer Ayrat Badykov (also featured in this edition of Humans of POA) has written a blog post on Ethereum’s Recursive Length Prefix encoding in Elixir. Ayrat details in the post how, working on POA Network’s Mana project, he rewrote implementation of Ethereum’s Recursive Length Prefix (RLP) encoding. Check out the full post here. He has also writte post about Ethereum Virtual Machine and Elixir. Check out that post here and check out the interview with Ayrat below!

4. POA Network Support Portal

We have created a support portal for POA Network in order to help the community understand our different projects. Currently, the support portal contains an FAQ section for The POA Bridge split into different categories. We are consistently adding to the support portal, from tutorials on how to use the POA Network to articles discussing on-chain governance and validators. Check out our support portal here and submit a ticket with any questions you might have!

5. POA Network Team at Blockchain Week New York City

Igor Barinov is in New York City this week for Blockchain Week representing the POA Network! We will have an update soon about Blockchain Week, however, if you are in New York City, please get in touch with the team!

 Igor Artamonov (Ethereum Classic) and Igor Barinov (POA Network)

Humans of POA #8

Our "Humans of POA" this week is Ayrat Badykov! A POA Network core developer who is passionate about writing and has been working on POA Network's Ethereum Client, Mana!

What is your name: Ayrat Badykov

What is your role: Mana (Ethereum Client) developer

Why did you join the POA team: I really started to be interested in cryptocurrencies when Ethereum was released. The idea of the first blockchain-based distributed computing with Turing complete language fascinated me. As a hobby project, I started to write Ethereum client in the Elixir programming language. Why Elixir? Elixir is scalable and fault-tolerant programming language that runs on Erlang Virtual Machine, syntactically Elixir is very clear so it's very easy to describe domain logic with it. When POA offered me the opportunity to finish the client I joined the team and started to work fulltime.

What are you currently working on: Currently I'm implementing node discovery in devp2p protocol. Ethereum nodes connect with each other using RLPx - node discovery protocol based on Kademlia algorithm. Kademlia stores nodes it knows about in routing table. Routing table consists of buckets, nodes are stored in buckets.

The novelty of Kadmlia algorithm is the XOR metric it uses. Each node is identified by a unique key and distance between nodes is defined as XOR of their keys.

What is a typical day working with POA: Taking into account that the Ethereum client is a very knowledge-intensive project, half of my working day I read scientific papers that describe a part of the system I'm working on (for example, node discovery is based on Kademlia algorithm), the other half of my working day , I implement the results of my research.

How do you see POA Network evolving in a year and going forward: POA is an R&D company that launched its sidechain at the beginning of the year. But it already has working solutions for a couple of important cryptocurrency problems (scalability problem with Proof of Authority consensus, moving currencies between chains with POA bridge) and soon we will finish our Mana client.

POA Network Team

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