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We have had a busy couple of weeks with our blog posts covering governance, planning upcoming workshops/events and getting ready to share some exciting news over the upcoming weeks! Lets get right into it!

1. CoinPayments Integrates POA20 as their first ERC20 Token!
We are happy to announce that CoinPayments platform has added POA20 as the first ERC20 token to their payment processing platform! CoinPayments has over 1,724,000 vendors across the globe! Check out the post on CoinPayments blog for more details and be on the lookout for stores to accept POA20!

2. POA Network: Preserving the Human — Blockchain Connection
We have published a blog post on POA's governance model where we discuss on-chain governance, role of validators, decentralization and more! The post is our first initiative part of the governance awareness campaign! Keep your eyes peeled for more material over the next couple of weeks, including interviews, videos and support portal! Check out the post here and feel free to ask any governance related questions on our Telegram!

3. Roman Storm's Crowd-sale Video Tutorial
Core POA developer Roman Storm, who was featured previously in Humans of POA, has created 2 videos where he shows how to build an ICO using OpenZeppelin. The video covers various technical aspects such as writing deployment scripts, making flat solidity files, verifying contracts and more! Check out the videos below and if you have any questions, feel free to leave some comments!

How to build an ICO with OpenZeppelin Part 1/2

How to build an ICO with OpenZeppelin Part 2/2

4. Ayrat Badykov's Latest Ethereum Development Post
Another Humans of POA alumni, Ayrat Badykov, has written an in-depth technical post regarding the implementation of Node discovery methods in Ethereum. Ayrat specifically walks us through how that is done in Elixir and when its being used in development for Mana, the Ethereum client. Check out the post here!

5. Igor Barinov speaking in Zug, Switzerland!
On June 20th, Igor Barinov will be speaking in Zug, Switzerland as part of an official satellite event accompanying the Crypto Valley conference! Igor will be talking about interoperability between Ethereum networks and POA Bridge! If you're attending the Crypto Valley conference, make sure to pick up a free ticket to the satellite event here! There are also limited tickets available to those who are not attending the conference.

6. Open Source Blockchain Explorer NOW!
On the 7th edition of Open Source Blockchain Explorer NOW! Andrew Cravenho joins open source advocates including Giveth, MyEtherWallet and QuickBlocks to talk about open source explorer projects. In this edition, Andrew gives a detailed update on the progress of POA Network’s Blockchain Explorer, discussing the timeline and release date for the project as well as what is currently being worked on. Check out the full video below and be on the lookout for the upcoming first release in the next couple of weeks!

Humans of POA #10

Our "Humans of POA" this week is the Protofire team! The Protofire team has been working with POA Network for while and has been actively helping the core team with various POA projects. We spoke to Manuel Garcia, the CTO and to the other members of the team on how they see POA Network evolving over the next year

From left to right: - Manuel Garcia - Matias Garat - Franco Victorio - Gerardo Nardelli - Fernando Greco And in the computer: Pablo Fullana

What are your names and roles: We are a team of eight people who is made up of

What are you currently working on: We are all working on different projects for POA Network. Franco and Matias are both working on POA Identity DApps Proof of Physical Address (almost ready for production) and Proof of Bank Address (which is still a work in progress). They are also both actively working on the POA Bridge upgrades.

Fernando is actively working on the Token Wizard and also works with other members for the Bridge. Gerardo was heavily involved in developing the POA Bridge and is now working on a node.js implementation of the it. Arsenii, Yauheni who are both DevOps working on POA Network deployments and bug fixes. As team lead, Pablo works daily to develop strategies for the team to meet expectations and reach the goals needed. Pablo and I also make sure that we understand all of the POA Network's projects and its ecosystem and that each member understand what they are doing with each task.

What is a typical day working with POA: For most of us, we work from the Protofire's office, where we can talk with other members of the team face-to-face. A typical day starts with a daily standup meeting with team members and making sure everyone is on the same page. Discussing new features, drafting implementations out and envisioning new projects are also quite common tasks.

Finally, running demo meetings and having retrospective sessions takes place every two weeks. Product development meetings with product owners are scheduled on a on-demand basis. We are a distributed team and given that some of the team works remotely, taking care of teams' organization and communication is not trivial. But everything is easier due to the high level of seniority, commitment and gentleness of everyone in the POA-ecosystem.

Besides working on having such a great team and talent working smoothly I also take care of new hires for the team and soon I am looking forward to be part of the POA's ambassador program.

How do each of you see POA Network evolving in a year and going forward:

- "At the very least, I see POA Network being more adopted and several of the ongoing projects being deployed. There are also lots of good ideas under debate, so I think (and hope) there'll be many more new and cool projects started under the POA org."

Fernando - "There are a lot of projects going on in POA, and they're getting much traction in the ecosystem. I love the open minded philosophy in POA, how new ideas can be pursued and the positive energy that is put into every project. With lot of hard work on a daily basis and a professional team backing it, I envision a great future for POA Network."

Matias - "We are currently working on great projects and ideas within POA Networks, however there are many more to come. The collaboration within Protofire's team, external organizations and the core team is just great, so I think in one year the POA ecosystem will grow in all aspects."

Pablo - "POA ecosystem is under heavy development right now, some great ideas are yet to be implemented and there's still a lot room for improvement in existing ones.

I envision POA being adopted by more and more users; solving quite critical issues (like scaling, through bridging and fast proof-of-authority consensus) that the cryptocurrency world is facing nowadays. Collaboration with other teams and organizations will also bring new ideas and expand alternatives for new projects."

Gerardo - "POA is growing every day, I think it will be more adopted by users. There are a lot of great projects and ideas under development and with the hard work of the team POA will enhance the ecosystem and help solving scaling issues by interconnecting networks with bridges."

Arsenii - "Attracting more and more people, interconnecting more and more cool developers. Growing, but staying flexible and holding friendly atmosphere."

Yauheni - "I think, growing in terms of quantity and quality. Nice idea, and great team working on realization is the reason . As well as new ideas and plans"

Manuel - "POA Networks is one of the few projects that it is not based on promises and hypotheses, it delivers what the White-paper promised with products running on production. How many projects can you count that run demos of the new projects with a big stake in it?

Horizontal scalability is very hot, there are many players out there and it is not easy to foresee what will happen. What I do believe is that POA Network is moving forward hitting the milestones and it will be one of the winners for many use cases. I also believe that products such as the Bridge and the current POA consensus algorithm will evolve beyond their current goals enabling new use cases and opportunities.

BTW, I love POA's involvement in the open-source community and how every project is open and transparent to the development ecosystem."

POA Network Team

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