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The POA team has been hard at work for the past three weeks and we have some exciting updates to share with you all, from DApp and game launches to an overview of recent events that POA was involved in! Let's get right into it!

1. Introducing BlockScout, the Ethereum Explorer
We are excited to share with the POA community our first look at BlockScout - the Ethereum Explorer. We have been working hard on this since the network launch and we are nearing the release of the first version. BlockScout will be a full-fledged explorer showcasing features such as real-time UI, contract verification and tokens support! Read our post for a breakdown of the different features of BlockScout.

2. POA Network and Bancor Community Currency Project Coming to Life!
August 8th marked the first-ever community currency transactions on the blockchain. In collaboration with Bancor, blockchain is finally becoming a tool we can use to fight poverty.

In Mombasa field, goods and services are being exchanged using the Bancor Wallet on the POA Network to enable zero-transaction fees and fast payments for local transactions. Check out the video as tomatoes and chapati changed hands between local shop owners and their customers. For more information about the integration of Bancor into POA Network, check out the announcement here.

3. DopeRaider launched on POA Network!
The latest blockchain game, DopeRaider, launched on the POA Network and is now live! DopeRaider is a strategic RPG about the underground narcotics business in a world with a unique economy. Players begin their life as a Narco with individual skill-sets in one of the diverse seven districts and aim to become the top kingpin. Narcos are unique ERC-721 tokens and all in-game actions are stored on the POA blockchain. Since POA is the in-game currency, profits are real and all activities have real-life financial consequences. Play the game on POA Network now by going here!

To celebrate the launch of DopeRaider we are giving away THREE narcos as part of a raffle. Check out the competition details at the end of the update!

4. Blockchain Game Everdragons Integrates POA Network!
The latest blockchain game, Everdragons, will integrate the POA Network in their first game called “The Race”! It is on schedule for release on the Ethereum network, with POA Network deployment to follow. Everdragons developers were on the hunt for stable a solution, thus the POA Network, a proven Ethereum sidechain fit perfectly with the needs of a decentralized game. POA’s bridging technology is advanced and proven, especially for ERC-721 tokens.

Working with the POA Network allows players to bridge (switch) their Everdragons easily from one blockchain to another and back again. The Everdragons marketplace will span both Ethereum and POA Networks, where players have the advantage of both chains and can choose to buy and sell in POA or ETH. There will be games exclusive on POA Network to take advantage of the low transaction fees for the games.

5. New POA Network Nifty Wallet
Last month, POA Network unveiled Nifty Wallet, a Google Chrome extension where users can store and transfer POA tokens. Nifty Wallet is a fork of Metamask focused on the usability of real-world applications. Most recently, users have frequently used Nifty to conduct transactions in DopeRaider, the latest blockchain game built on the POA Network. Follow the instructions here to download Nifty Wallet

6. POA Network App available on Ledger
We are excited to announce to our community that Ledger Nano S now supports POA. POA was added in the first release of Ledger's new #TuesdayCrypto series, a monthly release of new coin applications that happen every first Tuesday of the month. For a step by step guide on how to securely store your POA tokens on Ledger please check the official POA support from Ledger: here

7. Deploy a Dapp to the POA Network
Are you interested in deploying a DApp on the POA Network? Well, look no further! Our friends at DApp University have created a tutorial to show how you can launch your own DApp on POA Network using the Truffle Suite. Check out the tutorial here to learn more.

8. Introducing PoPA: Proof of Physical Address
On July 18th, we launched the newest addition to our identity verification DApps, Proof of Physical Address, PoPA. PoPA is a unique identity Oracle that combines a real-life tangible element directly with blockchain technology. To learn more about the PoPA Dapp check out our GitHub here! Try it now on POA Network!

9. POA Events: Igor Barinov at Web3 #onchaingov + more!
The last two weeks have been busy with events and appearances! On July 26th, Igor Barinov was talking about on-chain governance at Polkadot Berlin meetup. Igor was one of the multiple guests that included Ethereum and Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman, and Colony co-founder Jack Du Rose. The meetup was live streamed on YouTube and can be viewed here!


Igor Barinov speaking about on-chain governance 

The day before, on July 25th, validator Jim O'Regan gave a talk on POA Network at "Las Vegas Government Blockchain Group" meetup. The meetup was focused on how POA Network can benefit the blockchain groups within the government! 

Jim O'Regan's presentation on POA Network

On August 15th - 16th, the POA Network will be presenting at the Futurist Conference in Toronto! POA Network's head of business development and partnership, Schuyler "Sky" Minert will be giving a presentation on scalability and POA Network! If you are attending the conference, stop by the POA Network booth to view all of our ongoing initiatives and receive some DopeRaider airdrops! 

The POA Network technical team will also be attending the third annual RustConf in Portland, Oregon on August 17th. For all of our upcoming events, make sure to check out our event calendarhttps://cryptocalendar.pro/events/poa-network



Competition Time: DopeRaider Raffle!

POA Network is giving away THREE narcos in our latest raffle. It’s easy to enter - just tweet which POA project you are most excited about (for example BlockScout, Mana-Ethereum, POA Bridge) and WHY you are excited! Then add the hashtags #POA #DopeRaider. Winners will be chosen and contacted on Friday 17th August at 6 p.m. EST. Good luck everyone!


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