POA Network. News and updates #36

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Over the past few weeks we have been working hard and have exciting updates for the community, from the launch of our new website, upcoming POA Network hardfork, updates on BlockScout, overview of recent events and more. Lets get into it! 

1. New POA Network Website!
As part of POA Network, we want to ensure our community has the best technology and tools available to launch their own DApps in a secure, scalable, and cost efficient manner. To help the community navigate through this complex process, we recently updated our homepage and DApps page to be more user friendly. Submit your DApp application today or check out our newly designed homepage and DApps page to learn more! 

2. BlockScout - the open source Ethereum explorer updates
POA Network has added functionality to support Ethereum Classic transactions on BlockScout. Indexing Ethereum Classic will allow users to view transactions conducted on the Ethereum Classic chain. To showcase the recent addition of Ethereum Classic, Igor Barinov presented BlockScout at ETC Summit on September 13, where he demoed the open source blockchain explorer.

In addition to integrating Ethereum Classic, BlockScout team lead, Andrew Cravenho, was featured in the latest Zero Knowledge podcast where he discusses the recent updates to BlockScout explorer and ETHPrize. To hear the full podcast, click on the link provided.

3. State of the DApps And DAppVolume integrate POA Network

As a result of the high volume of DApps deployed on POA Network happening every day, we are delighted to be integrated with State Of The DApps to showcase our growth. State Of The Dapps is a directory platform that records all DApps launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Check out the article on POA Network integration published by State Of The DApp on August 29.

As part of another partnership, DAppVolume has also integrated POA Network in their website

Through both of these DApp directories, developers can submit their POA DApps and have them featured and showcased. Keep an eye out on our support portal for guides on submitting your POA based DApps.

4. Rouge Token partners up with POA Network

The Rouge Project and POA Network have established a technical partnership to offer efficient and ready-to-use voucher solutions. 

Rouge has been live since August 1, 2018 on the POA Network testnet with its protocol enabling the issuance and secure transfer of any kind of certificates which possess financial value. This is currently occurring between market participants and some examples include discount coupons, concert tickets, vouchers, and much more. Rouge was initially only available on the Ethereum blockchain but needed an alternative solution to combat the issues of slow transaction speed and high gas costs that currently exist within the Ethereum blockchain.

“The migration of our smart contracts, tools and applications to use the POA Network was done in one week without major difficulties, thanks to the full compatibility of POA Network with Ethereum, and the responsive POA team and community”, says Christophe Le Bars, Chief Architect of Rouge.

Rouge Network also intends to leverage the suite of identity DApps running on POA Network, in addition to sharing the desktop Nifty Wallet to create a simple user experience.  Both teams look forward to seeing the exciting fruits of this partnership.

5. Upcoming hardfork on Sokol testnet

A Hardfork on Sokol testnet has been scheduled at block 4622420 which will happen on Wed Sep 19. This is a planned hardfork which will cater for multiple changes including making governance smart contracts upgradable and also allow for an increase in the emission supply of 2.5%. The increase in supply will be coming from POA block rewards for self-sustainability of the network. To find out more about the increase in the emission supply, check out the economy section of POA Network’s whitepaper. Be on the look out over the week for a more detailed post about the hardfork.

6. Portis - Wallet Support for POA DApps

Portis wallet will now support POA Network and POA tokens in their digital wallet. This enables all DApps built on the POA Network to utilize Portis as an efficient solution to conduct transactions. Our partners at DopeRaider were quick to integrate Portis and create a smoother on-boarding experience for their community and users. To create your Portis wallet, check out the Portis website and register your account.

7. HitBTC lists POA20

You can now buy and sell POA20 on HitBTC! HitBTC lists three different trading pairs for the POA20 Token which include POA20/BTC, POA20/ETH, & POA20/DAI. Trading commenced on August 28th 2018.

8. POA Network Ambassadors

Manu Garcia – One of our many POA Ambassadors gave a great presentation in Buenos Aires on POA Network with one of the bridge core developers, Franco Victorio. In their presentation, Manu and Franco talked about how the POA Network team is consistently looking to develop new and creative solutions to solve today’s problems. Manu also provided an update on some of POA Network’s ongoing projects such as Bancor, Nifty Wallet, and an interoperability solution between EVM based networks such as the POA Bridge.

We're honoured to have Ambassadors all around the world who are genuinely excited to talk about POA Network. We want to thank Manu for his contribution and are looking forward to see what else the POA Ambassadors have in store.

9. Bancor Update
Last week, our partners at Bancor released a new research video that simulates a community exchanging multiple currencies using the Bancor Protocol.  The continuous development of resilient networks via decetralized exchanges (DEX) is critical to the continued growth and adoption of blockchain infrastructure.

The Bancor Network is one of the first users of POA's BlockScout's API. Bancor utilizes Blockscout to record a list of all the transactions conducted in order to transfer currencies across the community. 

10. POA Network AMA

Every few weeks, we will be opening up a thread on the official POA Reddit for you to ask the team members at POA Network anything about the project. This thread will stay open for about 1 week and then be archived for everyone to reference back to. Please check out some of the great questions we had from our most recent thread

11. POA events : Showcasing POA Network in Europe and Asia

POA Network was at ElixirConf 2018 in Bellevue, Washington. Andrew Cravenho gave a presentation about using Elixir on different POA projects including BlockScout.


Igor Barinov gave a presentation on privacy preserving sidechains at the second Zero Knowledge Summit where he discussed creating censorship resistant asynchronous BFT consensus. This consensus supports anonymous networking layer communication over an onion routing network with private transactions are built in. Using bridges, this privacy preserving side chain can be connected to other networks.

Igor Barinov also joined a scalability panel on the first day of ETHBerlin where he discussed how POA Network is a proven scalability solution that is available right now. The panel was hosted by Fredrik Harryson from Parity and featured Lefteris Karapetsas from Raiden Network and Philip Stehlik from Centrifuge


For all of our upcoming events, make sure to check out our event calendar on our website and alternatively onhttps://cryptocalendar.pro/events/poa-network


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great update @Ziggy ! good job team.

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Tremendous progress by the POA team!

The scalability panel in Berlin https://view.ly/v/MrLm3vSB1XEK

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