POA Network. News and updates #37

Hey Friends,  
We're now in the final stretch of 2018 and what an incredible year it's been so far. We're very excited to share with you all the progress we've made over the last four weeks and all the great events we have lined up. Let's get right into it! 

What's New with POA

1. BlockScout is now Live! 
After much anticipation, POA Network is proud to release the first version of BlockScout! BlockScout represents the next generation of block explorers, letting users view detailed information on blocks, balances, transactions, and token transfers both in the past and in real-time through an intuitive interface. As the first Ethereum explorer tool featuring open source code, BlockScout provides anyone interested an avenue to contribute to its development and customize the tool to suit their own needs. The first version of BlockScout features seven networks including POA Core, Ethereum Mainnet, and Ethereum Classic. POA Network will continue to develop BlockScout and aim to add more blockchains to the explorer in future iterations. For more information, view the BlockScout press release or visit www.Blockscout.com.


2. MakerDAO Partners with POA Network to Launch xDai Chain! 
This joint initiative will include the creation and launch of a brand new blockchain network called xDai Chain that will use xDai, a stable coin as the blockchain's native token. We’re very excited to be working with MakerDAO on exploring new and innovative solutions to some of the biggest problems that exist today. By teaming up on this, we'll be able to offer DApp developers a unique and alternative blockchain network solution that resolves many of the pain points that exist today. For more details regarding xDai Chain and the xDai token, please visit our recently posted blog post and our xDai Chain support portal.

3. Bithumb DEX Lists POA20
On October 15, Ethereum-based Bithumb launched their decentralized exchange (DEX) in partnership with OneRoot. Unlike centralized exchanges, assets in a DEX are held in smart contracts which users can audit themselves. The POA20 token is one of a select few tokens that will be available for trading on this brand new DEX.

4. Everdragons is now Live on POA Network

The latest blockchain gaming platform, Everdragons, is now live on POA Network and Ethereum. In their first game called “The Race”, each  Dragon’s ‘DNA’ is correlated with the performance of one of the top 32 cryptocurrencies. Players may choose to host challenges or join challenge requests. Winners will be determined based on the performance of the top 32 cryptocurrencies within one hour time frames. More DNA attributes, such as sporting teams and events, will soon be added to the dragons.    

POA Network allows players to bridge (switch) their Everdragons easily from one blockchain to another and back again. The Everdragons marketplace spans on both, Ethereum and POA Networks, where players have the advantage of both chains and can choose to buy and sell in POA or ETH. There will be games exclusive on POA Network to take advantage of the low transaction fees for the games. 

5. Building Honey Badger BFT Consensus Protocol at POA Network
A new protocol has emerged for consensus called 'Honey Badger Byzantine Faulter Tolerant (HBBFT) Protocol' and POA Network is currently developing and modifying this consensus to enable larger blockchain network use.  Consensus refers to the agreement process between nodes in a network. Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) networks can withstand a number of faults and still reach a consensus. As future networks will require robust consensus mechanisms, HBBFT can perform in a variety of different conditions and withstand sophisticated attacks. Read more about HBBFT in the following article.

6. HoneyDEX Decentralized Exchange.

HoneyDEX is a high-speed interoperable decentralized exchange building on POA Honey Badger BFT consensus protocol. Unlike centralized exchanges that present the issues of security and high listing fees, HoneyDEX offers users complete control of their assets, improved user experience and prevention of front-running attacks. To learn more about HoneyDEX, you can read the whitepaper in the following link.

7. POA Network – 2018 Progress to Date

This year has been an incredible journey for POA Network and we wanted to share all of our success with you! Check out our recent blog post highlighting all the great accomplishments POA has achieved so far in 2018.

Ongoing Community Commitment

8. EthSanFransico DApp Submissions & Winners

ETHSanFran was a fun and terrific event with one objective in mind: Build, Build, & Build!

We want to thank all the teams and developers who submitted DApps on POA Networks. View all the POA Network DApp submissions here. Our winners for the top 3 DApps winners are: 

1st place: BlockWork - Smart Contract module that processes work statements, submission of finished products, and arbitration services

2nd place: 50-50 Raffle - Crypto based raffle prize packages where 50% of proceeds go to charities and 50% towards prizes that can be claimed. Winners are drawn during prime events such as an MLB game. 

3rd place: Fungible Non Fungible Tokens - Tokenization of Non-Fungible tokens to enable dual ownership of a single entity.

9. Nashville Blockchain Developers Network - BlockScout

On October 9, POA Network project lead for BlockScout, Andrew Cravenho, was a featured guest at the Nashville Blockchain Developers Network meetup. At the meetup, Andrew presented a live demonstration of BlockScout and displayed all the great features and capabilities available such as open source development, real-time event, smart contract verification, user customization, and many others. The demonstration was recorded and is available on YouTube for viewing. Notes (Meeting minutes) from the Developers Network meeting are also available in the following link

10. Santiment Devpost

Earlier this month, POA Network was featured in the Santiment Devpost as one of the ten most active ERC20 projects in September. The article focused on all the ongoing initiatives present at POA Network such as the release of BlockScout, the first cross-chain interoperability bridge released in May of 2018, and the ongoing development of HBBFT. Check out full Santiment Devpost article here.

11. Crypto Games Conference – October 16-17

The Crypto Games Conference ran for 2 days from October 16-17 in Minsk, Belarus. This conference was the first international dedicated event for gaming and gaming services with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The aim of the summit is to unite the different worlds of games, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other cutting-edge technologies. This year, tech lead of POA Network, Igor Barinov also spoke at the event along with Darragh O’Flanagan. To learn more, visit https://cryptogames.events/.

12. POA Network is now live on Discord

Last week, POA Network launched its official Discord channel. Discord is a communication platform channel designed for gaming communities. It enables messaging via text, images, videos, and audio communication. To join the POA Network Disord channel, click on the link provided.

Prague Blockchain Week

13. Status Hackathon – October 26-29

POA Network is proud to sponsor this year’s annual Status Hackathon. The Status Hackathon will commence in Prague, Czech Republic just days leading into Devcon. We’re very excited to be hosting a special workshop where developers will be encouraged and carefully guided on how to build and deploy DApps on the POA Network. Stay tuned for more details!

14. D1Conf - October 29

Decentralized Insurance Developer Conference (D1Conf) is a full-day networking event tailored for insurance innovations who wish to redefine the entire global insurance industry. Igor Barinov, the tech lead for POA Network, is a featured guest speaker at the conference. Igor will provide an overview of xDai Chain, which is a new network created by POA Network in which DAI, a stable token, is the native currency of the chain. To learn more about the D1Conf, check out their full website at www.d1conf.com.

15. Devcon – October 30–November 2

Devcon is an annual event held by the Ethereum Foundation to educate and empower the community for building decentralized applications. This year, Devcon will be held in Prague, Czech Republic from October 30 to November 2. Andrew Cravenho will be a featured guest at Devcon and will be presenting a live demonstration of BlockScout. If you’re in Prague be sure to check us out!

For all of our upcoming events, make sure to check out our event calendar on our website and alternatively onhttps://cryptocalendar.pro/events/poa-network


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Salut @Ziggy
I am amazed by the works and achievements accomplished by the network.
I would like to know how young tech-savvy entrepreneurs can take advantage of the networks to be able to offer innovative solutions to our communities?

Sometimes we novices and lovers do not understand everything and their role (node, BlockScout, etc.) because we are not necessarily blockchain programmers.
Are there any sharing or upgrading sessions for us?

Hi @casimir!

We can defo do live videos and session. Especially for projects like BlockScout that have many contributors and interested parties. What specifics would you like to see in these sessions?

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1 advice on how we digital entrepreneurs can take advantage of POA networks to be able to offer innovative solutions to our communities
2 What is a BlockScout project?
3 how can we collaborate with the POA even if we are not blockchain developer?
4 Talk about the use of the solutions or the opportunity offered by the work already done in the community?
5 to do sessions in French or for African?

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Great suggestions! We can defo start something like that.

I think its a great idea to have the community involved too and attract others into the space.

Doing the sessions in French might be difficult, but we could put a bounty on adding French subtitles to the recording of the video after.


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absolutely tanks
I am available for any contribution!
I have a @Ziggy question, What is the procedure for creating a stable token on POA networks like xDai?
I am in Togo which is in the CFA zone (a stable currency).

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xDai is not on POA Network, but on a seperate network we also created called xDai Chain.

Creating another network like xDai Chain is doable and we have development partners, Protofire, who have helped create similar solutions for other networks. @mgarcia from Protofire is a great friend of POA and if you are interested in developing a stable currency chain, you can reach out to them for a more detailed discussion.

ok grand merci beaucoup